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Four PhD students awarded Vanier Scholarships

They came to Canada chasing big questions. What they found is a country willing to invest in their potential to find answers.

Four PhD students at Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo have received prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships. Anna Golubeva, Florian Hopfmueller, Fiona McCarthy, and David Schmid will each receive $50,000/year for three years during their doctoral studies. The “Vaniers,” as they are known, are designed to help Canadian institutions attract highly talented doctoral students from all around the world. Scholars are chosen based on academic excellence, research potential, and leadership qualities.

Housing Prices

Sales returning to normal while prices remain stable in Kitchener/Waterloo

July home sales through the Multiple Listing System (MLS® System) of the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS® (KWAR) were down 16.8 per cent compared to last month and down 10.6 per cent compared to July of last year. A total of 504 residential properties sold in July compared to 564 in the same month last year. On a year-to-date basis, there have been 3,601 home sales during the first half of the year, a decrease of 18.0 per cent. “The story for July is largely more of the same that we’ve been seeing for most of 2018,” says Tony Schmidt, KWAR President. “The number of sales has decreased from what we were seeing the past couple of years to more typical levels, but the value of homes not only remains steady but continues to gradually increase.”

Beyond The Numbers

Financial Executives' Roles in Canada Continue to Expand

Survey Finds Financial Leaders More Involved in HR, IT

Financial leaders continue breaking the mold and expanding their influence throughout their organizations. In a Robert Half Management Resources survey, finance executives in Canada most frequently reported their roles have grown over the past three years to include more human resources (37 per cent) and information technology (36 per cent) efforts.

Trillion Dollars

Chart of the Week - to a Trillion and beyond!
by Mike Hayhoe

The big news this week was Apple hitting a Trillion $ market cap- the first US listed company to hit that milestone. Below is a great chart showing some of the highlights along the way. Probably the biggest factor unappreciated factor in Apple hitting that number ahead of Amazon is the massive share buyback program they initiated back in 2012. Over the last 5 years they have bought back almost $220 BILLION of their stock, returning cash to shareholders. No other company has bought more of their shares. Globe Article. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however a lot of companies have issued massive amounts of cheap debt to do this. Apple generates so much cash from us buying their crazy expensive iPhones that they can fund the majority of this with cash on hand.

Self Improvement

Giving Yourself Permission Slips to Succeed

By Sarah Bateman

Joan was sitting at a round table when a hand descended over her right shoulder and slapped a piece of paper down on the wooden surface. A permission slip lay before her. Joan wondered, “Why do I need a permission slip?” She glanced up at her colleague, Cheryl, who said, “It’s a permission slip. You’ve been thinking about honing your presentation skills for decades. Why haven’t you?”

Cha Cha Cha changes

Learning to adapt to the growing gig economy

The labour market is changing. creating opportunity and putting pressure on business and government to adapt - By Jock Finlayson

The rise of the gig or sharing economy is one of the most visible trends shaping the contemporary labour market. Most gig jobs fall into the category of contingent work. Such work can be contrasted with a traditional job, in which a person has a durable and structured employment relationship with a specific employer. Today, more people are garnering income via contracting, freelancing, temporary assignments and various kinds of on-call arrangements. All of these are part of the broader gig economy. How prevalent is gig work?


Chamber to Minister of Foreign Affairs: Successful NAFTA 2.0. Negotiations Vital to Community Prosperity

With the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations on the minds of so many businesses in Guelph, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce issued a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Chrystia Freeland. The letter came as a direct action from a recent roundtable of local businesses as well as feedback the Chamber of Commerce received following the conclusion of the ‘Guelph Economic Leadership Forum: on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)’ in the spring.

International Trade

Canada: International trade (June)

Export growth nearly erases trade deficit; net trade set to boost Q2 GDP growth.

The trade deficit declined to -CAD 0.6bn in June from -CAD2.7bn, and was smaller than the expected -CAD2.3bn. In additione exports rose by 4.1% in the month on increased volumes and higher export prices. Imports fell by 0.2% month-on-month and US tariffs on steel and aluminium led to a 23.2% drop in real exports of iron and steel. The trade deficit narrowed to -CAD 0.6bn in June, from -CAD 2.7bn prior. The consensus expectation was for a trade deficit of -CAD 2.3bn.

Human Rights

CJPME Urges Canada to Hold Firm on Saudi Rights Abuses

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) urges Canada to hold firm to its critique of Saudi Arabia, maintaining a principled stand for human rights activists who have been wrongfully imprisoned by the Saudi monarchy. Late last week, Global Affairs issued a statement calling on the Saudis to release arrested civil rights activists, including women’s rights activist Samar Badawi – the sister of imprisoned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi. The Saudi monarchy has reacted by expelling Canada’s ambassador and freezing new trade deals between the two countries. CJPME urges the Canadian government not to back down on its criticism of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

Worklife Balance Study

All Work and No Play? Canadian Professionals Grade Their Work-Life Balance

More than two-thirds of Canadian workers rate their work-life balance as good to excellent; 35 per cent of employees say their work-life balance is getting better compared to three years ago

Are professionals living to work or working to live? A new survey shows it's more of the latter these days. More than two-thirds (69 per cent) of workers polled said they've achieved a good to excellent work-life balance. Thirty-five per cent think it's getting better compared to three years ago.
"Successful organizations recognize the link between employee well-being and productivity," said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, International Staffing Operations. "Giving teams the options and resources to balance their personal lives and professional obligations helps to reduce stress, and can positively impact their engagement, commitment and overall happiness at work."

Self Improvement

Giving Yourself Permission Slips to Succeed

By Sarah Bateman

Joan was sitting at a round table when a hand descended over her right shoulder and slapped a piece of paper down on the wooden surface. A permission slip lay before her. Joan wondered, “Why do I need a permission slip?” She glanced up at her colleague, Cheryl, who said, “It’s a permission slip. You’ve been thinking about honing your presentation skills for decades. Why haven’t you?” “Why hadn’t I?” Joan thought. She was right. It was her choice to dream but never act. It was her choice to exist but never take the risks to improve her life. Joan was expected to give presentations at work. Her presentation style was somewhat lacking—she sometimes appeared nervous, and it was obvious to others that it wasn’t an area in which she was particularly confident.

Women's Rights Globally

Saudi Arabia’s retaliation against Canada: clear indication that international community must increase the pressure for real human rights reforms

Responding to Saudi Arabia’s announcement, on August 5th, of diplomatic and trade measures against Canada, in retaliation for recent Canadian government calls for prisoners of conscience to be freed in the country, Amnesty International Canada said the aggressive action points to an urgent need for greater international pressure for genuine and lasting human rights reform in Saudi Arabia."


Sponsorship in Education

Back To School: Bus Program & FREE Teacher Memberships

New Partnership & Teacher Appreciation Day

Gore Mutual Insurance Company has generously supported the THE MUSEUMS "School Bus Program". A program where transportation is provided to students who would otherwise not be able to afford a field trip. “We’ve repeatedly heard from a number of educators in Waterloo Region that the barrier for students to attend field trips is the cost of buses,” said Paige Phillips, the Director of Development & Membership at THEMUSEUM. “The support from Gore Mutual Insurance has eliminated that financial strain, making THEMUSEUM more accessible to students so they may enjoy a learning experience outside of the classroom.”

Who Pays for What?

Minister Blair meets with Mayor John Tory to discuss housing assistance for asylum seekers

Although the Government of Canada has located, booked and paid for these alternate accommodations, the City of Toronto continues to be responsible for the transportation and logistics of the individuals.

The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that Canada's border is managed in a way that keeps Canadians safe and upholds Canada's global responsibility to protect those fleeing persecution in the world. The Bill Blair, Minister for Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, met with Toronto Mayor John Tory to discuss further details about the assistance the Government of Canada is providing to temporarily house asylum seekers.


Canadian M&A activity hits $93B in the first half of 2018

Cannabis sector experiences surge in deal volume and value; 1,546 deals valued at CA$93 billion; Cannabis saw 48 deals in H1 2018 for a total disclosed value of CA$5.2 billion; Outbound deals from Canada into the US rose by 8% in H1 2018 from H1 2017; Current trade tariffs affect only 3% of Canadian exports

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in Canada hit CA$93 billion in the first half of 2018 primarily due to a surge in deals in the cannabis, energy, and real estate sectors, according to PwC Canada's recent 2018 M&A mid-year review and outlook report. Despite turbulent Canada-US trade talks and uncertainty around tariffs, sound underlying market dynamics such as available capital are likely to continue to stoke strong deal activity in the second half of the year.

Thinking Ahead

Chamber Partners with International Trade Council to Help Local Companies Go Global

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the International Trade Council, is excited to announce the 2018 Trade Mission to the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is located in the heart of the crossroads of the trade routes of East and West, Europe and Asia. The UAE is Canada’s 20th largest destination for exports worldwide, and its largest export destination in the Middle East.


August 12, 2018

One of the most delicious events in the region is fast approaching on Friday August 10 to Sunday August 12 in Riverside Park, Cambridge. Enjoy FREE Admission, Parking, Entertainment & KidZone at this popular family-friendly event. A donation to Rotary is greatly appreciated.

August 20-22, 2018

Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada Show to Unveil Futuristic Clothing

Fashionwear that diagnoses, treats health conditions among products to be featured at Toronto show, August 20-22

Toronto – Canada is leading the way in breakthrough technologies in the rapidly-growing apparel and textile industry, with many innovations set to be unveiled to the public at the upcoming Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) show, August 20-22, 2018 in Toronto.

October 24, 2018

Partners in Prevention Health & Safety Southwestern

Bringing the Latest OH&S Updates to Your Community

The Canadian health and safety landscape is constantly changing. Whether it’s new legislation, innovations in technology, quality and safety standards, changing demographics or workplace culture, today’s health and safety community is challenged with staying ahead of the curve.

November 8, 2018

Discover Rockway - Gr. 7-12 Open House

This event is an opportunity to see Rockway in action, meet the faculty, administration, parents and students and see why Rockway might be the right place for your family. Join us! Register at

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