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September 29, 2018

City of Waterloo announces lineup for new festival of light, art, and technology

The City of Waterloo announced the lineup for its newest festival, Lumen, a festival of light, art, and technology, which will illuminate the urban space and engage audiences in a hands-on and participatory experience. Lumen will take place in various locations throughout uptown Waterloo on September 29 from 6 to 11 p.m. The festival will feature 25+ visual, interactive, new media, and performance based installations from local and nationally acclaimed multidisciplinary artists.

“Lumen brings together artists to explore the convergence of technology and creativity,” says Justin McFadden, executive director of economic development. “This festival celebrates Waterloo’s vibrancy and identity as an innovation hub.”

In addition to a lineup of high-caliber artists, Lumen also features collaborations and partnerships between City of Waterloo and key cultural organizations and other partners like Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Button Factory Arts, Waterloo Public Library, Open Ears Festival, Numus, The New Quarterly, Kazzo! Fest, THEMUSUEM, University of Waterloo Fine Arts Department and Department of Drama and Speech Communication, Princess Cinemas, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Shopify, and Communitech Data Hub.

This event is free and open to the public. Installations will feature opportunities to engage with the art, artists, and the technology that makes the art possible.

The 2018 festival lineup includes:

Satellite Turntable Orchestra, Kid Koala

Our latest show will have EVERYONE in the audience playing along on turntables! We've created a series of Satellite Orchestra tone vinyl where each disc is designed to harmonize with key moments in the show. Each audience member will be seated at one of 60 mini turntable stations which include a small crate of colour coded custom vinyl, an effects pedal, and a record player. Through subtle coloured lighting changes in the room, the audience is cued to play along. Kid Koala will present an innovative collection of dreamy, atmospheric tracks composed especially for this event.

Charlena Russell + Bernie Rohde

An interactive performance featuring multi-instrumentalist Charlena Russell in her custom-built light suit, collaborating with Bernie Rohde hand-made sound-activated LED installations.

Forest of Dreams, Amanda Garbe

The Forest of Dreams exhibit explores the intrinsic beauty of paper art when melded with technology. This interactive experience is staged as a whimsical forest. Participants are encouraged to write their "dreams" on small paper flowers before adding them to the vines. By the end of the night, the forest will be alive with the collective dreams of the community and festival goers.

Kazoo! Fest, Kazoo! Fest Presents

Kazoo! Fest have teamed up with Lumen to bring a genre-defying lineup of artists to Waterloo. Kazoo! Festival is a not-for-profit DIY arts organization who hosts a year-round music series and annual festival each April in Guelph, ON. As part of Lumen Festival, get ready for a lineup including avant-jazz, electro-experimentalism, post-punk, and instrumental hip hop. Unfurl your freak flag and let's get weird in Waterloo!

Kazoo! Fest Presents: Esther Grey

Esther Grey, a band hailing from Guelph, dishes up garage-cooked spook-pop that oscillates between scrappy and ethereal. Performing now as a trio, they play the low notes, they play the high notes, and they play the notes in between.

Kazoo! Fest Presents: Eddyevvy

Waterloo has birthed a monster. Originating in 2016 as a duo consisting of Micaela Loreto and Mitchell Hartung, EDDYEVVY has since fleshed out into a 4-piece with the addition of Jae Holdsworth and Eric Repke. Recalling early '90s bands like Slowdive, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine, Eddyevvy plays music that thoughtfully blends the noisy with the melodic.

Kazoo! Fest Presents: Isla Craig

Isla Craig is a multi-dimensional vocalist and songwriter living and working in Toronto. With pointed attention towards vocal delivery and melodic play, her music is underpinned by languid psyche blues rhythms and arrangements that tumble into trance states. In addition to her work as a solo artist, she is an active collaborator in the Toronto music scene, currently performing with Jennifer Castle, IC/JC/VC, and the Cosmic Range.

Kazoo! Fest Presents: Obuxum

OBUXUM is a Toronto based Somali-Canadian producer and beat maker, whose lush and characteristic sound celebrates story telling. She has made her presence known with notable festival performances at Wavelength Festival, Kazoo! Fest, Electric Eclectics, and Venus Fest. NOW Magazine also recently included her in their list of Toronto electronic musicians to watch in 2018.

Kazoo! Fest Presents: Dan Lee (of Phedre) & MC Lil Gay

Frequent collaborators Lee Paradise and Lil Gay (who both perform with Phèdre) combine live hardware electronics with low bass-laden rhythmic vocals. Expect 140 bpm, continuous beats, and Lil Gay raps.

Library of Light and Sound, Waterloo Public Library

The library is a community space for collaboration, creation and play. Using pianos, lasers and light create music and art with other festival attendees or build new landscapes in our augmented reality sandbox.

Light Art at BFA, Button Factory Arts

View a light based installation as part of the Lumen festivities.

Light Graffiti, The Firm Collective

Using highly luminescent paint, lasers and a wall, The Collective aims to create an interactive experience that will transport participants into another realm filled with graffiti and street art. Viewers will have the chance to create their own temporary dimension and help shape the exhibit of light.

Lumen Light Tubes, Garner Beckett & Rob Porteous

This synchronized light and sound installation features three structures that respond to the activate low, medium, or high end frequency in the accompanying music creating an exciting and ever changing sensory experience.

Lumen Moiré, Trevor Waurechen

Working with halftone dot and line patterns, this installation overlaps images to create a large-scale moiré as one walks through and around the installation's panels, different moirés will appear and disappear in their vision, as the patterns overlap and "move" before one's eyes.

Housenumber_street.jpg, Allie Brenner

Housenumber_street.jpg uses photos sourced from Google "street view" archives to create sculptural objects. Images feature houses in Waterloo Region that have been demolished. These images are printed on transparencies and constructed into simplified house-shaped structures where participants are confronted with images from the past and recognition of a community's changing landscape.

Interactive Environ, VERSA

This Interactive Environ responds to movement along the path beside the Manulife clock tower. Substantial movement is captured by several video cameras and output to a projection mapped "abstract landscape" on the Shopify facade. Participants will sense that their presence and passage through the space causes changes in the projection. The installation elicits questions about the consequences of human migration, and digital anonymity.

Mobile Movie Screen, Fresh Air Films

A travelling theatre that will delight viewers with Canadian shorts by talented filmmakers.

Motion Exposure, Stephen Orlando

Motion Exposure combines equal parts of art, light, and technology. A long exposure photo is captured to reveal the paths of the LEDs and to tell the story of movement. Spectators will be able to watch others play the violin or drums and instantly see the photographic results projected onto screens and will also receive a low resolution version of the image as a memento of the event.

Moving Music, Open Ears & NUMUS

Featuring the exploratory sounds of Stealth duo, and the musical mastery of Colin Labadie, come listen and watch sound be visually displayed using cymatics. Cymatics is when the surface of a plate or membrane is vibrated, and the sound is made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste or liquid.

Pixel Stick, THE MUSEUM

Digital meets analog with this LED light-painting. Join THEMUSEUM as we capture images with our Pixelstick.

Please do not feed the ducks, Jordyn Stewart

What is Silver Lake--a water reservoir, a large puddle, a pond? It's not quite suitable for swimming, or boating, but there seems to be a lot of ducks hanging out there. Through experimental documentary and performance, Stewart will examine the wildlife that inhabits Waterloo Park. Drawing inspiration from local waterfowl, Stewart takes on the persona of a fowl enthusiast eager to identify the habits of these domestic-like creatures and our co-existence. Employing site-sensitive observation and documentation practices Stewart surveys the lake's many inhabitants, but the ducks get centre stage.

"She's like a crazy cat lady, but for ducks!" - Construction Worker (Waterloo Park)

Princess Cinemas Presents, Princess Cinemas

This projection based installation will feature Canadian shorts, images, and films of a pre- tech world.

Ruben's Tubes & Ruben's Table, Jim Fare

A Rubens' tube, also known as a standing wave flame tube, uses flames to physically demonstrate acoustic sound waves. Invented by German physicist Heinrich Rubens in 1905, the Rubens' Tube operates as a oscilloscope and is frequently used to demonstrate the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure.

Sherwood Music, Kazoo! Fest Stage

Sherwood Music presents a dynamic stage show featuring Kazoo! Fest musicians and accompanying light show.

Stargazing, Communitech & SkyWatch

Engage with a captivating display with this installation by SkyWatch and Communitech.

Student Art Innovation Lab

S.A.I.L. (Student Art Innovation Lab) is a University of Waterloo outreach arts program designed to animate our community's engagement in fine and performing arts. It is a mobile initiative program that runs out of a vintage Airstream trailer owned by the Fine Arts Department. The program is student-driven and runs with support from faculty and resources housed in Fine Arts and Theatre and Performance.

The Enchanted Garden, Nicholas Rees

An installation of 6+ garden sculptures created from ferrocement. The sculptures are illuminated with tea lights and will be lit at dusk for all to enjoy.

St Marie φ Walker, Artist in Residence

City of Waterloo Artist in Residence will finish their residency of Waterloo Park with a tribute to Waterloo Park.

VRLENS Kaleidoscope, Nik Harron

Harking back to the early days of film-based rare shows and sideshow peep boxes, the VRLENS project combines code-driven visuals, laser cut fabrication, and animation. This installation includes three kaleidoscopic mirror boxes integrated with VGA video monitors that each provide a unique visual experience based on a shared video source.

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