Thursday November 28, 2019


Most Admired

Dejero named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures

Commitment to building a strong culture with engaged employees a foundation for growth

Dejero, an innovator in cloud-managed solutions that provides Emmy® award winning video transport and Internet connectivity while mobile or in remote locations is proud to announce that it has been named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures for 2019, by Waterstone Human Capital. This is the fifth award in 2019 that recognizes Dejero as having a strong corporate culture and being one of the top employers in Canada. Waterstone Human Capital, Canada's leading cultural talent management firm, recognizes Canada’s top performing companies for corporate culture and the most admired CEO’s. The Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ program was introduced to recognize an organization within a specific industry that has made an outstanding commitment to corporate culture within its first few years of operation. Dejero is among 10 companies recognized in the Growth category.

Position Report

Scoring Canadian Tech Talent ranks 20 Canadian cities

Waterloo Region again matches with close with Montreal and shows future opportunity as technology becomes unavoidable in every day life.

CBRE releases their 2019 Global Research Gateway Canadian report which scores Canadian cities according to their competitive advantages and appeal to tech-talent workers and tech employers. Scoring Canadian Tech Talent is a comprehensive analysis of labour market conditions, cost and quality for highly-skilled tech workers. 20 Canadian cities were ranked according to their competitive advantages and appeal to tech-talent workers and tech employers. This study also provides insight into the quality of tech talent and how their growth patterns are impacting cities and real estate markets across Canada.

Cycle Benchmarking

Researchers reach milestone in quantum standardization

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a method that could pave the way to establishing universal standards for measuring the performance of quantum computers. The new method, called cycle benchmarking, allows researchers to assess the potential of scalability and to compare one quantum platform against another. “This finding could go a long way toward establishing standards for performance and strengthen the effort to build a large-scale, practical quantum computer,” said Joel Wallman (photo), an assistant professor at Waterloo’s Faculty of Mathematics and Institute for Quantum Computing. “A consistent method for characterizing and correcting the errors in quantum systems provides standardization for the way a quantum processor is assessed, allowing progress in different architectures to be fairly compared."


CFFB Signature Event: “Jumping the Fences” by Terry O’Reilly

CFFB is hosting Terry O’Reilly, popular radio host from CBC. Only a few seats left for tomorrow's morning event.

In the age of transformational technological change and disruption, technical know-how is no longer sufficient. Building influence and strong working relationships with people in positions of power is absolutely necessary! Join business owners, their families and advisors that support family enterprises for breakfast and learning at the CFFB Signature Breakfast Event November 29th (7am – 10am), Bingeman Embassy Room. This event will be sure to inspire, challenge and encourage you in your pursuit of skills to navigate through this era of disruption.


3D scanner could increase accuracy of surgery

Researchers have created a new scanner that can improve everything from surgical procedures to our understanding of landslides.

The new scanning technology, created by engineering researchers at the University of Waterloo, is able to capture full-field 3D surface-shape data in real time by enabling 3D capabilities in every camera pixel. The high-resolution technology uses novel algorithms to compute surface shape at the same frame rate as video with a measurement accuracy of approximately 0.1 mm and can capture images of moving or static objects. “We’ve been able to measure the shape of a surface in real-time, whether it’s a rigid or a deforming surface,” said Jonathan Kofman, director of the University’s Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and 3D Imaging Laboratories.

Recreational Properties

Canada's most popular winter recreational markets witness significant home price variations in 2019; Quebec regions post largest gains

High demand for upper-end properties in Mont-Tremblant's village results in significant price appreciation and multiple offer scenarios; The median price of a single-family home in Collingwood rose 8.3% year-over-year, outpacing condominium price appreciation in the area reflecting high demand from boomers; Condominiums in Whistler, Kimberley, and Invermere post year-over-year price gains ranging from 5.0% to 9.8%; softened demand for single-family homes in Whistler favours potential buyers

According to Royal LePage, year-over-year price appreciation in Canada's winter recreational property markets varied significantly across the country's most popular alpine destinations.

How Cities Perform

New report compares household financial health of Canada's cities

Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo rank 7th out of 35 CMA's

Prosper Canada and the Canadian Council on Social Development today released a new report comparing household financial health across Canada's 35 largest cities. A multi-phase research initiative sponsored by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), Urban Spotlight: Neighbourhood Financial Health Index findings for Canada's cities ranks Canada's largest urban areas (with populations over 100,000) on overall household financial health. The report explores how cities perform with respect to key underlying drivers of household financial health.


Lack of Knowledge About Auto Insurance Continues to Hurt Ontario Drivers

A annual survey on Ontario Auto Insurance reveals that Ontario drivers are becoming slightly more aware of optional coverage, but drivers continue to be insufficiently protected particularly when it comes to medical benefits and income replacement benefits. The third annual survey from Deutschmann Law looked at optional coverage, the deductible for general damages and included questions regarding close calls, auto safety features and roundabouts. The survey reveals that 10 years after the introduction of optional benefit coverage, 30% of drivers are still unaware of the opportunity to purchase optional coverage. This has increased from 25% of drivers in 2017.


GHD and eleven-x Collaborate to Provide Innovative New Wireless Stormwater Monitoring Solution

Real-time LoRaWAN®-Based Solution Improves Stormwater Management Efficiencies While Reducing Costs

Employee-owned professional services company, GHD, and eleven-x, a global leader providing complete low-power IoT solutions, announced a new initiative providing cities with a wireless, real-time stormwater monitoring solution. The solution is designed to deliver new monitoring capabilities that expand current industry standards to monitor water levels and temperature in storm sewer systems in real-time while reducing program costs.

Quality of Life Award

CMH receives Provincial Conversion Rate Award

Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH) announced that it was recognized by Trillium Gift of Life Network, Ontario’s organ and tissue donation and transplantation agency, for its outstanding efforts to integrate organ and tissue donation into quality end-of-life care. Trillium Gift of Life Network presented the Provincial Conversion Rate Award to CMH for exceeding the 2018/19 target conversion rate of 63 per cent. The conversion rate is the percentage of actual donors from the total number of potentially eligible organ donors. CMH achieved a conversion rate of 75%. “Cambridge Memorial Hospital is an outstanding example of how applying leading donation practices can save lives,” says Ronnie Gavsie, president and CEO, Trillium Gift of Life Network. “The award is a reflection of the culture of donation established at CMH, and a reminder of the work that we still need to do in other communities across Ontario. We will not be complacent.”

Request for Input

Survey of residents and businesses at risk of flooding in New Hamburg

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) is seeking input from New Hamburg residents and businesses to support the New Hamburg Flood Mitigation Study. The objectives of the study are to update flood mapping, estimate annual average flood damage costs, identify potential options to reduce flood damages, and complete a preliminary technical feasibility and cost-benefit analysis of the options.

Provincial Consideration

Cambridge MPP, Belinda Karahalios, tables private member’s bill entitled the Ensuring Transparency and Integrity in Political Party Elections Act, 2019

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, Cambridge PC MPP, Belinda Karahalios, tabled her first private member’s bill entitled the Ensuring Transparency and Integrity in Political Party Elections Act, 2019. Upon being tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, MPP Karahalios provided a brief summary of the legislation, “The Act requires a report to be filed with the Chief Electoral Officer within seven days after an election and the report must set out, among other things, the number of persons who were eligible to vote in the election, the number of persons who voted and the number of votes that each candidate received. The Act permits a candidate to contest the validity of an election by commencing an action in the Superior Court of Justice; and the Act sets out various offences relating to voting in an election.”


Historic $17 million affordable housing land trust launched in Toronto

Habitat for Humanity GTA announced the launch of a historic $17 million land trust seeded by Toronto developers to create new affordable housing for Toronto residents. The land trust is the result of a collaboration between Toronto development companies Capital Developments and Metropia, the City of Toronto, Habitat for Humanity GTA, St. Clare’s Multifaith homes, and community group Build a Better Bloor Dufferin. “This is a remarkable win for affordable housing,” said Ene Underwood, CEO of Habitat for Humanity GTA. “It is an inspiring demonstration of how partnerships between government, the private sector, non-profit groups, and community residents can generate innovative solutions to achieve affordable housing.”

Digital Change

Big data opens up new horizons for insurance companies

Amid regulatory changes and insurtech competition, Canadian insurers find that a one-size-fits all approach in the millennial era won't work anymore; When it comes to digital change, an astounding 87 per cent of insurance CEOs said they are directly involved in devising and leading technological change within their firm

With digital-savvy millennials now the world's largest population segment and Gen Z following in their footsteps, Canadian insurance companies must rethink their business and harness big data to drive growth and profitability, finds a new KPMG in Canada report called Insurance frontiers: Here to horizon. "The insurance industry will look radically different in 10 years from how it does today," says KPMG's Chris Cornell, Partner and National Insurance Sector Leader. "Forging a new path won't be easy; insurers must digitize their operations, products, and processes, and use data-driven insights to address this seismic shift in customer dynamics. The one-size-fits-all approach won't work anymore."

Online Shopping

The Next Big Trend: Social Media is the New Holiday Shopping Mall

Nearly half of Canadian social media users are already shopping on social and almost 40 per cent plan to shop on social media this holiday season; Canadian social media users spend $77 every month on average shopping on social platforms

Canadians are increasingly turning to social media platforms and mobile apps to check items off their holiday shopping lists. PayPal Canada unveiled their inaugural Social Commerce Trend Study, which reveals that almost half of Canadian social media users are currently shopping on social media (47%) and nearly 40 per cent plan to shop on social media this holiday season. According to the study, Canadian social media users spend an average of $924 a year shopping on social media platforms.


The Heartfelt Holiday: Nine Ways to Show Your Employees You Care This Holiday Season

Leaders, the holidays are a great time to infuse a little "WOW" into your employees' lives and strengthen your company's culture. Deb Boelkes shares some festive ways to thank your team for all their hard work and inspire them for the year ahead.

As the holiday season approaches, leaders are starting to look for ways to show their teams they care. Yes, that's what bonuses are for. But cash gifts aside, there are plenty of other ways to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, creativity, and dedication during the season of giving. This sense of heartfelt gratitude and caring is a pivotal part of creating a workplace built on what Deb Boelkes calls the "WOW Factor." Creating a WOW workplace culture is a gift that keeps on giving all year long. When you show employees you care, they will be loyal to you in return. What's more, putting employees first inspires them to give their best efforts, which drives customer loyalty, which drives profit.


North American Banks Risk Losing $88 Billion in Payments Revenue by 2025, According to Report

More than 90% of at-risk payments revenue attributable to U.S. banks; The report notes that the impact of consumer demand for rewards has squeezed payments revenue, with spending in loyalty and rewards by the top five U.S. card issuers jumping from $11 billion in 2010 to $31 billion in 2018.

As much as 15% of North American banks' payments revenue — $88 billion — is likely to be displaced by the growth of digital payments and competition from non-banks, as payments become more instant, invisible and free, according to a new report from Accenture. Of the $88 billion, approximately $82 billion is attributable to U.S. banks and $6 billion to Canadian banks.


Hidden climate policies have higher costs than carbon pricing says Ecofiscal Commission

In its final report, the Ecofiscal Commission takes a closer look at Canada’s options for achieving its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions target. To reduce costs, carbon pricing should play a central role. To achieve our GHG target, carbon prices should continue to rise. Other policy approaches, though less visible, are more costly for Canadians.

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission released a new report, Bridging the Gap: Real Options for Meeting Canada’s 2030 GHG Target. Canada’s leaders have committed to meeting our GHG reduction target. How can we best do so? Ecofiscal’s final report compares Canada’s options. We have real options, but it’s time to focus on those that can actually work for both the economy and the environment. Our analysis shows that carbon pricing tops the list. It delivers the lowest cost emissions reductions. A steadily rising carbon price can achieve Canada’s target and maintain strong economic growth. It can also generate revenue that can be returned to Canadians to maintain affordability.

Outlook for 2020

Uneven provincial economic performance in store for 2020

The Conference Board of Canada’s Provincial Economic Outlook was released on Tuesday, providing the medium-term economic outlook for the provinces, including forecasts for gross domestic product (GDP) and labour market conditions. After increasing by 1.6 per cent this year, growth in the Canadian economy is expected to reach 1.8 per cent in 2020 as energy investment turns around and consumer spending picks up. While some provinces will benefit from renewed investment in energy, the ability to move more oil to market, and better population growth, other regions continue to feel the effects of slowing global growth and strained trade relations with China.

Needed Labour

Seasonal farm workers set to return home after another successful Ontario harvest

The final group of seasonal workers who helped Ontario farmers through another successful growing season are set to return home to Mexico and the Caribbean over the next couple of weeks. Approximately 18,000 men and women were hired by 1,450 Ontario growers through the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) in 2019, filling vacancies at farms and greenhouses dealing with a chronic shortage of domestic labour. The majority of these workers completed their work assignments earlier in the fall and returned home. The remaining workers will be on their way by December 15th at the latest.


Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario issues pension priorities for 2020

Highlighted provincial priorities for HR in 2020

Ontario sets pension priorities for 2020 – The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) issued two documents relating to pensions: a draft 2020-2021 "Priorities and Budget" consultation document, as well as its proposed "Pension Sector Guiding Principles." The documents detail FSRA's priorities to strengthen its oversight activities in the pension sector and identifies the principles that will help guide those activities.

Arts & Culture

The AGO’S Annual Pass Surges Past 100,000

AGO community now includes a record high number of visitors 25 years and under

When the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) announced a bold revamp of its pricing model last spring, the public response was immediate. In the six months since launching the $35 AGO Annual Pass on May 25, which is free for visitors 25 and under, more than 100,000 people have signed up1, marking a new era of greater access to art for everyone. Passholders have doubled the AGO community that already includes approximately 100,000 AGO Members – a number that has been maintained over the past five fiscal years.


November 27, 2019

Making Cent$ of Abilities Breakfast Workshop

Shefali Rajaputra, Associate Lawyer at Gowling WLG, will be one of the speakers at our upcoming Making Cent$ of Abilities Breakfast Workshop. The Making Cent$ of Abilities Coalition is a partnership focused on providing businesses and organizations with an opportunity to tap into a larger hiring pool by providing resources to hire and retain people with disabilities. The coalition will present these resources during a series of presentations, guest speakers and panel discussions. Those in attendance will leave with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully hire and retain people with disabilities.

November 25, 2019

Second public information centre planned for New Hamburg Flood Mitigation Study

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) will be hosting a second Public Information Centre for the New Hamburg Flood Mitigation Study on Monday, November 25, 2019 from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the New Hamburg Community Hall (251 Jacob Street, New Hamburg). The information session will follow a drop-in open house format, where an update on the study will be provided and members of the project team will be present to answer questions. The focus of this session is to share updated information on areas at risk of flooding and the associated costs, which are being used to estimate average annual flood damages for New Hamburg.

November 28, 2019

Employers Can Register Now for our Part Time Job Expo

Part-time opportunities can be a solution to the workforce gap.

The Workforce Planning Board, in partnership with the Immigration Partnership of Waterloo Region, is holding a job expo focused on part time employment. Employers have hard to fill job vacancies, many people want part-time employment whether it is because of school, semi-retirement, parenting or just a preference. Part-time opportunities can be a solution to the workforce gap.

November 29, 2019

CFFB Signature Event: “Jumping the Fences” by Terry O’Reilly

CFFB is hosting Terry O’Reilly, popular radio host from CBC.

In the age of transformational technological change and disruption, technical know-how is no longer sufficient. Building influence and strong working relationships with people in positions of power is absolutely necessary! Join business owners, their families and advisors that support family enterprises for breakfast and learning at the CFFB Signature Breakfast Event November 29th (7am – 10am), Bingeman Embassy Room. This event will be sure to inspire, challenge and encourage you in your pursuit of skills to navigate through this era of disruption.

February 19, 2020

Picklers Unite! St. Mary’s Pickleball Cardiac Classic aims to perk your pulse this Heart Month

The Waterloo Pickleball Club will host players of all skill levels in a fun & friendly tournament supporting St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre February 19th – 21st, 2020, on the courts at RIM Park Manulife Sportsplex. “Playing Pickleball provides a boost to the entire cardiovascular system, which helps to lower blood pressure and prevent stroke or heart attack. As well, the smaller court format of pickleball gives you a good aerobic workout without much stress and strain on joints and muscles, which can be a concern with other racquet sports.” Endorses Dr. Matt Chamberlain, Medical Director of St. Mary’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

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