Posted Thursday November 28, 2019

Provincial Consideration

Cambridge MPP, Belinda Karahalios, tables private member’s bill entitled the Ensuring Transparency and Integrity in Political Party Elections Act, 2019

On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, Cambridge PC MPP, Belinda Karahalios, tabled her first private member’s bill entitled the Ensuring Transparency and Integrity in Political Party Elections Act, 2019.

Upon being tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, MPP Karahalios provided a brief summary of the legislation, “The Act requires a report to be filed with the Chief Electoral Officer within seven days after an election and the report must set out, among other things, the number of persons who were eligible to vote in the election, the number of persons who voted and the number of votes that each candidate received. The Act permits a candidate to contest the validity of an election by commencing an action in the Superior Court of Justice; and the Act sets out various offences relating to voting in an election.”

Currently, there are no laws in Ontario prohibiting undemocratic actions in internal party elections that attempt to thwart the will of grassroots party members. MPP Karahalios’s bill would apply the same consequences that exist for undemocratic actions in general elections to internal party elections actions (i.e. voting when not being eligible to vote or voting more than once, mishandling ballot papers, furnishing false or misleading information to an election official, or inducing or procuring an unqualified person to vote).

“Bill 150 will strengthen Ontario’s democracy and bolster grassroots participation in all of Ontario’s political parties,” said Karahalios. “The old boys in the back rooms need to know their gig is up. There needs to be consequences for those who thwart the will of grassroots party members through undemocratic actions. Bill 150 does just that and will ensure that all such internal party elections are free, fair, and democratic while keeping with the democratic tradition of grassroots party members electing their party leadership. Just days after being introduced, Bill 150 has support among members I have spoken to in all three major parties. I will spend the coming weeks growing the non-partisan coalition of supporters to take real action to strengthen Ontario’s party democracy.”

MPP Karahalios’s bill is scheduled for second reading in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Thursday, December 12th, 2019.

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