Tuesday February 26, 2019


Work From Home

Why working from home is good for business

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of the open-source blogging platform WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the web, and the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce and Jetpack. He also runs Audrey Capital, an investment and research company.

Mullenweg has been recognized for his leadership and success by Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch, Fortune, Fast Company, Wired, University Philosophical Society and Vanity Fair. Mullenweg is originally from Houston, Texas, where he attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and studied jazz saxophone. In his spare time, he is an avid photographer. Mullenweg splits time between Houston, New York and San Francisco.


Maplesoft and Sigmetrix Announce Direct Operations in China

The companies will offer products and services from a new local office

Maplesoft and Sigmetrix announced that they have started direct operations in China. The two Cybernet Group companies now have an office in Shanghai that is staffed by local experts to provide high-quality products and solutions to their customers within all of China. Henry Jiang, Country Manager, will oversee operations in China for both Maplesoft and Sigmetrix. “Maplesoft and Sigmetrix have long-standing partnerships in China and we are excited to enhance our presence in this market,” Jiang said. “We look forward to working directly with customers, utilizing our local experience to enhance relationships, and working effectively to meet the needs of our academic and professional customers.”

Workplace Wellness

What Triggers Anxiety? 11 Causes That May Surprise You

Anxiety is a highly treatable mental health condition. However, many people with anxiety don’t seek treatment - by Kimberly Holland

Anxiety is a mental health condition that can cause feelings of worry, fear, or tension. For some people, anxiety can also cause panic attacks and extreme physical symptoms, like chest pain. Anxiety disorders are incredibly common. They affect an estimated 40 million people in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. What causes anxiety and anxiety disorders can be complicated. It’s likely that a combination of factors, including genetics and environmental reasons, play a role. However, it’s clear that some events, emotions, or experiences may cause symptoms of anxiety to begin or may make them worse. These elements are called triggers.


First Made-in-Canada Paper Straws Launch at Restaurants Canada Show 2019

3% of Green Circle profits go directly to ocean clean-up initiatives.

Startup company Green Circle Dine Ware is launching two eco-friendly product lines - Made-in-Canada paper straws and fully-compostable palm leaf dinnerware - at the Restaurants Canada Show Feb. 24-26 in Toronto, Canada’s largest foodservice and hospitality event. “Our mission is to be the change we want to see in the world by helping the foodservice and hospitality industry move away from plastics and towards products made of natural materials that are harvested sustainably and decompose quickly,” said Geet Sheth (right), founder of Green Circle Dine Ware Ltd.


Neil Turok changes role from director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Turok will move to a full-time faculty member and lead Perimeter’s Centre for the Universe

Turok, 60, will remain at the independent research institute as a full-time faculty member and will lead its Centre for the Universe, focused on the most fundamental questions in cosmology. "It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve as Perimeter's director for the past decade and to work with so many wonderful colleagues to build a unique centre for basic research, training and public engagement," Turok told Record reporters.


Release of new television series, Taste Detours: Guelph

Taste Detours announced the release of its television show, Taste Detours: Guelph — a six-episode series that focusses on food in Guelph. Each episode offers interviews with owners, chefs and food champions, taking the viewer behind the scenes for a taste of some of Guelph’s diverse eateries. All episodes of Taste Detours: Guelph are currently playing on Fibe TV1 for their 2.8 million subscribers reaching from Manitoba to the Atlantic Provinces. They will be released one at a time on Taste Detours’ website, YouTube and Vimeo channels where the trailer for the series and Episode One, featuring Crafty Ramen and Bin 23 Restaurant, can be found today.

Energy Change

Risk of ‘Stranded Nations’ Highlights Need for Sovereign Wealth Funds to Prepare for the Age of Green Energy

Despite having huge financial reserves, many fossil-fuel-rich economies are at risk of becoming “stranded nations” as efforts ramp up to avoid the worst effects of climate change and transition away from fossil fuels; With less than 0.2% of their $8 trillion assets invested in green or renewable energies, the world’s sovereign wealth funds have a powerful role to play in helping prepare economies for the impending energy transition

The world’s shift away from carbon-based energies in favour of renewable or green energy threatens to turn fossil-fuel-rich economies into “stranded nations” unable to realize the economic value of their carbon wealth. The world’s sovereign wealth funds, which collectively own $8 trillion in assets but currently invest just 0.19% of this figure in green energy, have a powerful role to play in helping governments implement policies and investments to prepare for this transition. These are the findings of a World Economic Forum white paper, Thinking Strategically: Using Resource Revenues to Invest in a Sustainable Future.


Laurier researchers seeking participants for study examining experiences of LGBTQ2S+ students

Michael Woodford, associate professor at Laurier’s Faculty of Social Work, is leading a large, first-of-its-kind study, Thriving on Campus, and his research team is aiming to recruit LGBTQ2S+ students from every university in Ontario to participate in an online survey currently underway.The study is unique not only for its size and province-wide scope, but also because in addition to examining discrimination and mental health problems, it asks about students’ academic development and engagement, as well as positive mental health, such as happiness and satisfaction. The study uses a positive psychology lens to look at factors that can support resilience, strength, well-being and social belonging. One focus will be the role of campus-based services and programs, such as LGBTQ2S+ centres and student groups; another will be policies regarding gender-inclusive housing and washrooms.


The WPB Receives a Community Builder Award

The Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin received a Community Builder Award from the immigration Partnership Council recently. The WPB received this honour because of the partnerships that were made in order to make Waterloo Region a place where immigrants and refugees successfully settle, work and belong. Workforce Planning Board Executive Director Carol Simpson (left) was personally recognized for her advocacy to improve the labour market integration of newcomers in Waterloo Region. The Workforce Planning Board has worked with the Immigration Partnership on many initiatives including job fairs and employer tours for job seekers.


2019 Business Excellence Award Recipients Highlight Region’s Business Community’s Strengths

Business of the Year Award (Over 50 Employees) Waterloo Brewing Company - As a pioneer in Canada for the origination of craft beer, Waterloo Brewing has been local to Waterloo Region for 35 years. As a leader in innovation, they will continue this trend to be one of the first to legally produce a cannabis-infused beverage in Canada.

Business of the Year Award (11-50 Employees)
Little Mushroom Catering -
Little Mushroom Catering is dedicated to sustainability, supporting local business, their employees, and of course, food. As one of five businesses with a FeastOn Certification in the region, they can prove they buy from local business. Little Mushroom Catering has been recognized for sustainability and environmental efforts for having a full recycling and compost program, as well as limiting overproduction for events.

Business of the Year Award (1-10 Employees)
The Event Firm -
Unique to the Region, this full-service event planning firm provides custom event design on a per-event-basis. They customize their services to suit any budget, location or design and their clients take comfort in knowing the details are looked after. At their inception in 2010, they began with only DJ and lighting services. They have now increased their staff from 1 to 6, tripled their studio space, and launched several workshops and classes.

Facing Challenges

CMA and nabs Canada Announce New Partnership

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and nabs Canada announced a new partnership to increase awareness of, and support for, nabs programs that assist professionals in the marketing and communications sector who face personal, career and family challenges. “We are delighted to enter this partnership with nabs because of the scope and calibre of its programs, focusing on the health, well-being and development of all individuals in the media, marketing, production and communications industry in Canada,” noted John Wiltshire, president and CEO of the CMA. “The vast majority of the people nabs serves are connected to one of our members, and we are well aware of the profound impact of nabs’ assistance.”

Opinion - Agriculture

Seed Synergy and Value Creation: A Solution in Search of a Problem

by Cam Goff

A few months have gone by since the first round of “consultation” meetings on “value creation” and the folks at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) are in damage-control mode, trying to re-spin their message to farmers after its disastrous reception before Christmas. In their November and December meetings, AAFC and its partner, the Seed Synergy group, were telling farmers that Canada’s public plant breeding system was broken and that the federal government was not willing to increase its funding. Farmers were told that unless we help private plant breeders to step in and rescue us, Canada would become an agricultural backwater and suffer economic devastation.

Water Shed

GRCA board approves 2019 budget

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) will spend more than $35 million this year on programs that protect life and minimize property damage from flooding and erosion, improve the health of the Grand River watershed, connect people to the environment through outdoor experiences and manage land holdings in a responsible and sustainable way. The budget was approved by the GRCA board on Friday, February 22, 2019. The board is made up of 26 members appointed by the municipalities in the Grand River watershed. Municipalities will contribute about $11.6 million in general municipal levy to the GRCA in 2019, about 33 per cent of the GRCA’s total budget. The municipal levy portion is up 2.5 per cent this year, which works out to approximately $10.84 per watershed resident. The municipal levy portion of the budget is allocated to each member municipality using the “Modified Current Value Assessment” as outlined under Regulation 670/00 of the Conservation Authorities Act.


Grand River Parks set to take reservations March 1

Hillside Festival campers can book sites online on February 28

The 2019 camping season is nearly here and the Grand River Parks camping reservation system will be open for reservations online and over the phone on March 1. The reservation system provides 24-hour online reservation service until mid-October, when the camping season closes. As well, a call centre is available for those who want to reserve a campsite by phone. The call centre, which can be reached toll-free at 1-877-558-GRCA (4722), is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Campsite bookings can be made for all eight Grand River Parks that offer camping. Longer wait times are anticipated at the call centre when it first opens.


Van Bree Family wins 15th Annual Family Enterprise of the Year Award

The Family Enterprise xchange announce that the Van Bree Family and Van Bree Enterprises have been named this year’s Family Enterprise of the Year Award winner for Southwestern Ontario. With over fifty years in their field, this third generation family business has maintained the core values they set from the start.

Air Transport

Air Canada adds daily non-stop flights to Calgary

Growth continues at London International with announcement that Air Canada will be adding daily flights to Calgary.

“ Today’s [February 21, 2019] announcement is fantastic news for travelers in southwestern Ontario” says Mike Seabrook, CEO at London International Airport. “Air Canada continues to demonstrate their commitment to our region and have been steadily increasing the number of destinations that they serve from London. The daily non - stop flights will allow passengers a short flight time to Calgary as well as providing convenient connections to other Western Canada destinations. Wit h our “Easy and Comfortable” approach to travel at London International passengers are going to love this new service.”


March 8, 2019

Marit Collective Announces 4th Annual International Women’s Day

Know Better, Do Better: This year’s event expanding to a half-day afternoon conference, evening speaker spotlight event, and feminist market

Marit Collective is hosting the annual public presentation of their popular International Women’s Day event on Friday, March 8, 2019. This year’s event will be held at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), located at 67 Erb St. W., Waterloo, and has expanded to include a half-day afternoon conference, evening speaker spotlight event, and feminist market. This year’s theme is “Know Better, Do Better” and the event celebrates International Women’s Day again by exploring ideas on how we can all work to advance intersectional gender equity. As always, Marit Collective centres local voices with nuanced examination of key issues and compelling discussion.

March 28, 2019

St. Mary’s She Shares : Dr. Vivien Brown

Canadian family physician and author of “A Women’s Guide to Healthy Aging” to share her wisdom March 28th.

As a recognized expert on women’s health, Dr. Vivien Brown tells women what they need to do to stay healthy as they grow older. Spanning the topics of the mind and body, Dr. Brown identifies “Seven Proven Ways to Keep You Vibrant, Happy & Strong”. Sweeping away the myths and sales tricks that populate the internet, she offers insightful and sensible advice based on the latest scientific evidence. Join us for this invigorating luncheon event on Thursday March 28th, 12pm – 2pm. For more information and to purchase tickets visit www.supportstmarys.ca/sheshares

April 10, 2019

Regardless of Pathway

Deciding which career path to follow is a difficult decision for many youth. Help them find their fit by showcasing your industry at Explore Your Future, Waterloo Region’s annual career exploration fair for grade 7-12 students and their parents/guardians. Join 60+ local employers and community organizations as an exhibitor, offer an interactive session, or come as a parent/guardian and bring your kids: thanks for the support of local sponsors, this event is free to attend for youth and parents. Register today!

May 10, 2019


The World’s Largest Leadership Event Returns to Cambridge

The world’s largest leadership event is back by popular demand! Drayton Entertainment and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce will once again team up to host Leadercast, an educational event aimed at developing leaders across all industries and at any career level, so they are better equipped to take on the next challenge and inspire others. The 2019 event will be streamed live at the Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge on Friday, May 10.

May 28, 2019

Local Credit Unions Unite for Change: Charity Golf Tournament

Education Credit Union (ECU), Kindred Credit Union (Kindred), and Your Neighbourhood Credit Union (YNCU) announced their upcoming charity golf tournament, Credit Unions for Change. The fundraiser will be held at Rebel Creek on May 28, and it will include an 18-hole golf tournament, a boxed lunch, raffle table, and dinner. The three credit union hosts operate in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. They are sharing the costs of the event and directing all profits to their three chosen charities, which are in support of food security. ECU will support Nutrition for Learning, Kindred will direct funds to The Working Centre, and YNCU has chosen to send proceeds to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

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