Article Posted Tuesday September 8, 2020


COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool at University of Toronto Launched

The University of Toronto has launched an online COVID-19 self-assessment tool called UCheck for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. The digital health company behind the software, Thrive Health, is also the creator of Health Canada’s official COVID-19 support app, which has already provided over 10 million COVID-19 risk assessments and is the #1 trusted pandemic response software in Canada. More than 1 million Canadians have downloaded Thrive Health’s Canada COVID-19 App.

The University of Toronto is the first post-secondary institution to go live with the Thrive self-assessment platform. This technology is available for any organization, workplace, or educational institution that is looking for better ways of screening employees, patrons, or students for COVID-19 symptoms and to improve timely and targeted communication of important information.

UCheck is the first software platform of its kind in Canada, and allows University of Toronto community members to log in, answer a series of screening questions, and determine their COVID-19 risk status. Based on their responses, users are given either a Green or Red status. Green indicates individuals can proceed to campus, and Red indicates that the user is symptomatic and should avoid coming to campus or attending classes in person. The screening questions go beyond basic symptom tracking and include additional risk factors, such as whether the user has recently travelled.

“The University of Toronto has been clear about the need to provide an exceptional user experience while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security,” said David Helliwell, Co-Founder and CEO of Thrive Health. “UCheck has achieved that goal, and it is an important part of the university’s plan to keep people safe while gradually resuming on-campus activity.”

With a focus on privacy first, Thrive Health has undergone extensive privacy and security impact assessments with Health Canada and various Canadian provinces, and all protocols around user data have been approved through a federal privacy review. UCheck only displays a user’s Green or Red status when requested, while maintaining the privacy of personal health information. UCheck is entirely voluntary.

Future phases of the platform will enable users to develop cohort-specific risk assessments (ie. campus/role), and may enable QR Code contact tracing, similar to what Thrive Health has already deployed in BC.

Thrive Health is a private company based in Vancouver, BC working closely with public health agencies, hospitals, and specialist clinics nationwide. Leading Canadian privacy advocates and public health officials have praised Thrive’s platform for its superior software and rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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