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Total readers*
67,728 total readers (Print and Digital)
Men 36,573 (54%)
• Women 31,154 (46%)
What positions do they hold?
Business owners and final decision makers 57.14%
• Managers and influencer's 31.29%
• Retired or semi retired 5.8%
• Students or future Entrepreneurs 4.76%
Top 5 Reader locations?
1) Waterloo
2) Kitchener
3) Cambridge
4) Guelph
5) Toronto

Top 5 Business interest
1) Technophile
2) Economic News
3) Financial/Investment Services
4) Real Estate
5) Business News

*Statistics are generated from Google Analytics and are current as of
November 1, 2014 and calculated from the period of September 15, 2014 to October 31, 2014

Readership Infographic 2012
Readership Infographic 2013
Readership Infographic 2014

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