Exchange Magazine is currently creating one of the most-read issues of the year, the Builders’ issue, to be published in June.

This issue focuses on the many new buildings that have not only changed the regional landscape, but have also challenged the traditional ways institutional, commercial and industrial buildings function.

Today’s new residential and commercial buildings are far more complex than they would have been, even two years ago. Computational modeling has kept pace and will continue to do so. Innovative, yet standard amenities are changing home life like never before. These transformational shifts have been initiated by the many investors, skilled builders and providers of building goods and services.

Innovation is winning the day; same-old, same-old is a sure path to decline, as tenants are demanding cutting-edge creativity.

Community cocoons have become a mass movement. New, core-centred housing density has brought about real change to Waterloo Region.

Join us as we delve into what this inflection point means to the community, it's future and the builders of Waterloo Region and area.

Exchange June 2018 issue
Builders Edition: 2018 GVCA Building Excellence from Concept to Completion

Innovation is more than ideas. It's ideas turned into reality. It’s the art, science and craft of taking concepts to completion. This issue celebrates those who turn concepts into reality. Our area is a hotbed of cutting-edge contractors whose unique building models and innovative approaches create some really fantastic buildings.

The Grand Valley Construction Association and its members continues to be global leaders in creating new buildings that work for innovative and future businesses.

In our June "Builders' Edition", Exchange Magazine and the GVCA delve into the details of their buildings and structures that are recognized for "building excellence", not only by the adjudicators, but also by their peers. It's the contractors and sub-contractors who, by working together, bring the architects’ ideas to fruition.

Target audience: Industrial, Institutional and Commercial organizations looking to expand or renovate their space, smart companies, C-suite leaders, entrepreneurs, economic developers, directors, policy makers, members of parliament.

As a advertiser in this issue your company will be recognized alongside the structures you help build. Whether the contractor or sub-contractor, be recognized by other potential customers for your skill and abilities. This magazine is distributed by Canada Post to all the businesses in Waterloo Region, Guelph and to the rest of Southern Ontario by email, web and social media.

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