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Innovation has always been fueled by organizations with engaged employees. But today, CEOs are recognizing that employee engagement is a fundamental, bottom-line issue, and that’s because a clear and research-based correlation has been made between engagement and performance. An ‘office renaissance’ is taking place that is bringing people together in collaborative workspaces and it’s changing how people work. For 40 years Mayhew has created and designed innovative workspaces. It has an impressive track record of experience and is at the forefront of the workplace revoloution. In the Waterloo Region they have colloborated with key partners, from start-ups to blue chip companies including OpenText and Blackberry.

Communitech, a not-for-profit organization that supports and mentors technology companies at every stage of their life cycles, has recently partnered with the Kitchener/Waterloo team at Mayhew. Iain Klugman, CEO and President of Communitech, knows about innovation and what it takes to get great ideas off the ground. They have been helping technology companies get their start for years. “There is a growing realization that workspace can contribute positively or negatively to the success of an organization,” says Klugman. “Mayhew’s deep understanding of stimulating creativity and innovation in workspaces meets one of Communitech’s main objectives.” Mayhew’s full suite of services includes initial design of the workspace that is aligned to the organization’s objectives, unique culture and all the way through to installation and follow up.

The world has changed and people are recognizing those opportunities to have their office staff thinking every day as a team, fostering interaction and serendipity, and generating new ideas. From innovative shared spaces that boost morale and productivity, to high-tech engagement via flexible furniture, Mayhew’s team of experts practice a future-forward technique that produces workspaces with value, flexibility, usefulness and appeal.

Innovation is a race that is ongoing and dynamic. Companies in the Waterloo Region need to perform on the cutting edge of innovation if they are to perform on the world stage. Mayhew is a design company that provides the tools to ride that edge.
Klugman says, “The reason Communitech works with Mayhew is not only the expertise they bring to the table, but their unique style, belief in what they do and their great team of professionals. They are absolutely delightful to deal with.”

The “Office of the Future” will be much more collaborative and this has a lot to do with culture. No more entitlement – the big corner office is replaced with community as employees want to be near their colleagues, coworkers and friends, making it easy to engage them in their drive for innovation.

Employee engagement is critical to building a high performance team. Unless you have people who love what they are doing and are in the right environment to stimulate creativity and innovation, you are not going have the break-throughs you need for success.

They believe that there are five workspace trends helping companies grow, prosper and succeed:

1) Real Estate Optimization;
2) Enhance Collaboration;
3) Attract, Develop and Engage;
4) Build Brand and Culture;
5) Promote Wellbeing at Work

Mayhew has been in the business of creating and designing workspaces for over four decades. They are winners of the 50 most engaged workplaces and best-managed companies in Canada.

For more information on Mayhew call 519-744-1228 or go to mayhew.ca

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