Published May 22, 2018

Cellular Concrete Innovation has single highest fire rating and amazing acoustical properties

Litebuilt is a lightweight cellular concrete company that produces an interlocking block called LITEBLOK. At half the weight of regular concrete LITEBLOK offers fast installation and does not require mortar joints. The block itself offers a standard 5 hour fire rating making it the single highest fire rated product in North America. LITEBLOK is also known for its great acoustical value with ratings well over code requirements. Providing two codes with one product, LITEBLOK is ideal for many applications including firewalls, garbage chutes, stair wells, partition walls and many more. LITEBLOK can also be used as a DIY product for garages, sheds, retaining walls and frost walls to name a few.

Cellular Concrete Innovation

Since 2014 Litebuilt Concrete Canada has been introducing cellular concrete and its many benefits to the Canada construction market. Cellular concrete is a common building material that is used in a wide range of applications around the world but is seen very little by Canadians. Stephen Baker, Vice President says “Litebuilt’s mission is to open the eyes of all building professionals to the advantages of cellular concrete that the rest of the world has seen for decades”.

In 2015 LITEBLOK won “Most Innovative Product” at the Enerquality Innovation Gauntlet. Baker says “It was a proud moment for us to win this title as LITEBLOK’s value was validated by the 300 builder, architect and engineer attendees”. With the credibility of ULC testing backing the product, the Litebuilt team continued to impress the industry through educational meetings and Lunch and Learn sessions. They work closely with the Canadian Wood Council as they saw the opportunity to incorporate LITEBLOK into multi-residential wood construction to help provide fire and acoustical solutions. Litebuilt is a proud member of the OHBA and is directly involved with the OBOA being featured in their journals and trade shows. It wasn’t long before builders started taking advantage of the product and saw the innovation LITEBLOK provides with their own eyes. Builders noticed a huge time savings when using the block because of its fast installation. Lower shipping costs were incurred because of the blocks reduction in weight. Jabe Boshart, Site Supervisor of a large build in KW said “With LITEBLOK, by the time we got to the third phase we had shaved about three weeks off from the original time from the first phase CMU walls”. This contributes to an average cost savings of 20% to the builder.

It wasn’t long before builders started taking advantage of the product and saw the innovation LITEBLOK provide with their own eyes.

In late 2017 the block proved its value even further as a newly constructed townhome containing LITEBLOK as the firewall went up in flames. After taking firefighters over two hours to control the blaze the unit was demolished. However, the unit on the other side of the 5” LITEBLOK wall was untouched. The Waterloo Fire Chief credited the wall to saving over 2 million dollars in potential damages.

Carbon Footprint

LITEBLOK is made from a base material containing portland cement and sand. This base mix is injected with Litebuilt’s patented “foaming agent” which introduces a multitude of micro air bubbles into the mix. With different dosages of foaming agent mixes can be created with a 10%-85% weight reduction compared to conventional concrete. Baker says” the more foam we inject the less raw material we use which is a huge green initiative”. In efforts to reduce environmental impact CMU companies have spent millions of dollars on infrastructure to help them move in the “green direction” where Litebuilt’s system is naturally green from the start. Their simple manufacturing system produces a fraction of the emissions compared to others and the Litebuilt foaming agent is mineral based containing no toxins or carcinogens.

Above photo: Here Kirk Johnson (right) and Jim Dunstan (left) present Stephen Baker (middle) with a recognition award for LITEBLOK’s innovation.


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