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Exchange November/December 2017 issue
Economic Development and Prosperity

The November/December issue of Exchange Magazine focuses on Economic Development. We look at the people, the businesses and the organizations who are leaders in local economic development. We examine the factors that spark success in our region; and we look at some current threats to economic development.

It's no secret that many regional businesses trace their success back to a genesis at the University of Waterloo, and we'll be examining how UW has set that ecosystem table.

But UW is not alone - Conestoga College is playing an ever-increasing role in regional prosperity, and we'll be looking at that, as well.

Our Making a Difference feature develops the overall theme of this publication, taking a new look at a man who might be called the father of local prosperity, and who now is blazing new trails in this district that he has dubbed "Quantum Valley".

We'll report on a whole mélange of people and businesses who are producing concrete
evidence of our regional prosperity - developers like Voisin Capital (founded by a third-generation entrepreneur), Hip Developments (who are seeing astonishing results in Cambridge's Gaslight District), the Zehr Group, with visionary plans for an historic site on King Street; and Lot 42, Kitchener's new performance and event centre.

We'll talk to people setting the direction for prosperity in the Region; the leader of the Waterloo Economic Development Corporation, and the man behind Kitchener's Digital Strategy.

But there is a cloud - experts seem divided on the new federal government's Tax Proposal for Private Corporations, although business seems solidly against it. We've heard from political leaders and economic prognosticators; in this issue, we'll report what we hear directly from you, in response to the survey you have been invited to take (at

Interacting with you, we'll tell the economic, educational and government leaders of Waterloo Region exactly what our local economic community thinks of the new proposals.

So as you see, the November/December issue is not only for you and about you and your colleagues - it is also _by_ you, as you help us communicate what's on the mind of our local economic community.

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