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Exchange January/February 2018 issue

Topic:13 intriguing chapters from one economic ecosystem

Notice: Exchange November/December 2017 issue is been distributed October 30, 2017.
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Each year, in our first edition of the calendar year, Exchange Magazine features a “baker’s dozen” of people in our business and volunteer community. We identify 13 outstanding people who are making a dramatic difference in the worlds of business, education, economic development and community service.

These are success stories about people who think and act outside the box, who demonstrate the rewards that come with risk-taking, people who, in fact, changing our communities for the better.

In this issue, we will again feature 13 such people – but in planning this edition, we soon realized that these 13 stories are really one story – the story of our community, of the interconnectivity between all of the sectors, from high tech companies to community service organizations. None of these people – nor their organizations – live in a vacuum. They – we – are utterly interdependent.

Our 2018 Baker’s Dozen of regional influencers come from Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph. The list includes innovators who have built – or resurrected – hugely successful businesses in the digital world – video, communications, information management, cybersecurity are among them.

Our readers will meet such leaders who are keenly aware of their responsibility to give back, and have forged powerful community links through their philanthropy. We’ll also write about a few folk on the other end of that equation – those who are leading highly praised public service organizations.

And our articles will include a focus on people who are working on the institutional and educational side to ensure that the talent and resources needed for our continued community success are ready and waiting for all of the next big things. And on some innovative thinkers who are working to provide infrastructure to the innovators in our communities.

Thirteen fascinating people, 13 intriguing chapters from one economic ecosystem. That’s Exchange magazine, January/February 2018.

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