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Posted May 2, 2008
Innovation Award Winners


Best Young Innovator
Mr. Cameron Piron
Sentinelle Medical Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

Cameron Piron is the president and co-founder of Sentinelle Medical Inc., an Ontario-based company involved in the research and manufacturing of leading edge magnetic resonance imaging ─ also known as MRI ─ technologies. His innovative leadership in developing and commercializing the Sentinelle Vanguard System has changed the delivery of breast healthcare in North America, and is establishing Ontario as a key location for diagnostic imaging research and development. Sentinelle Medical Inc. has developed a breast magnetic resonance auxiliary table that creates a dedicated system for breast imaging and intervention that enables more patients to be scanned in a single day. This improves the ability of physicians to quickly and accurately diagnose breast cancer and other conditions. Its unique technology provides superb image quality. For patients here in Ontario and around the world, the possibility of scanning, disease detection and treatment all in one visit is a major step toward reducing patient wait times and providing better health outcomes.

Innovator of the Year
Mr. Steve Hengsperger
Tersano (Canada) Inc.
St. Catharines, Ontario

Steve Hengsperger is president of Tersano, a St. Catharines company that markets a unique home sanitizing system that eliminates the use of harmful chemicals. The Lotus Sanitizing System uses a patented Oxyshield process that super-charges ordinary tap water with an extra oxygen atom, creating a powerful sanitizer that destroys bacteria, viruses and pathogens on food and surfaces. While the same technology has been in use in industrial settings such as hospitals and food processing plants for decades, Mr. Hengsperger’s innovation was the successful adaptation of this system for the consumer market. The product is now widely sold in major retail outlets across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia, and Time magazine named it one of the top inventions of 2006.

Start-up Company with the Best Innovation
RapidMind, Inc.
Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo-based RapidMind, Inc. is a new high-tech company that has developed a technology that is rapidly becoming indispensable to software developers around the world. RapidMind’s award-winning innovation is a computer programming platform that enables developers to take advantage of the astonishing capabilities of the next generation of multi-core microprocessor chips and graphics processing units. It allows them to do this while using familiar programming languages and tools – and to do it quickly and cost-effectively. RapidMind has the backing of industry heavyweights such as IBM, HP, Intel and AMD. This technology is used in Sony Playstation 3, QBase's business intelligence software, Dartmouth Medical College’s cancer detection software, and Masstech's real time HD video encoding system. It is also used in automotive and aerospace tools from RTT AG in Germany.

Company with the Best Innovation
Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
Burlington, Ontario

Evertz Microsystems, a Burlington-based company – and its innovative products – are well known to television broadcasters worldwide. In fact, Evertz’s reputation for excellence in innovation, quality and reliability has made it a dominant player in broadcasting technology. Evertz’s cutting-edge MVP® technology is the next generation in multi-image display processor technology. This technology is ideal for all applications where video and audio monitoring and display are required such as in the control room of television studios. The MVP® platform allows broadcast engineers to monitor signal quality, audio integrity and loss of video or closed captioning with a simple and intuitive control interface. It is revolutionary because it doesn’t use a personal computing platform, protecting it from the risks associated with computer breakdowns.


Ontario Government Investing In Research And Innovation To Create Jobs

Ontario - Eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, defining the genetic factors underlying autism spectrum disorder, finding better ways to fight lung cancer. These are among the results behind the innovative research celebrated at the 2008 Premier’s Award for Innovation.

Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson distributed over $7.3 million to the 10 award winners to continue their work producing better healthcare, a cleaner environment and Ontario’s next generation of jobs.

The awards handed out included the Premier’s Catalyst, Discovery and Summit Awards. The Summit Award program is administered by the MaRS Discovery District.

The winners included:

Best Young Innovator: Cameron Piron, president of Sentinelle Medical Inc., a company that researches and manufactures magnetic resonance imaging technologies

Innovator of the Year: Steve Hengsperger, president of Tersano (Canada) Inc., a company that markets a unique home sanitizing system

Company with the Best Innovation: Evertz Microsystems Ltd., a Burlington company whose cutting-edge MVP® technology is used by broadcasters worldwide.


“These award programs are a key part of Ontario’s strategy to attract and retain our best and brightest and build on our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Premier Dalton McGuinty. "By supporting world-class talent here at home, we're ensuring Ontario remains the place to be for years to come."

“Ontario has become the economic engine of this country on the creativity and ingenuity of our people,” said Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson. “This year’s winners represent the industries, ideas and people that will shape our future and create our next generation of jobs and prosperity.”

“The extraordinary achievements of this year’s winners stand for remarkable creativity, excellence and a bright future for our province,” said Ilse Treurnicht, CEO of MaRS Discovery District. “Without doubt, by investing in their talents we will make a difference in the world, and we should all be proud that these pioneering research and innovation leaders live and work in Ontario.”


The Premier’s Innovation Awards are just one part of Ontario’s Innovation Agenda – a plan that is investing $3 billion over eight years to support research excellence – and ignite growth in the industries that will shape our future and create Ontario’s next generation of jobs. Other initiatives include:

Investing over $700 million through the Ontario Research Fund to support research and help transform knowledge into products and services that improve people’s lives and create jobs.

Introducing the $160 million Ideas to Market strategy to grow new start-ups and drive innovative discoveries rapidly from the lab to the marketplace.

Helping technology companies develop promising discoveries and get them to market with the four-year, $30-million Innovation Demonstration Fund.

Stimulating economic growth and prosperity in Ontario while helping to create the next generation of jobs and improve environmental sustainability with the Next Generation Jobs Fund, a five-year, $1.15 billion strategy.

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