Posted April 27, 2009
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ADVANCE \d4Announces RenoMarkTM - The industry’s mark of excellence for Renovators

Waterloo Region - In the last several years, renovation of homes has become quite a common theme on the average persons radar screen. Think of the vast array of television shows centered around renovations. Whether the main theme of the show is devoted to restoration for its own sake of re-creating art or beauty, or whether it is the central focus of a plan to make a profit through a purchase and resale of a home, or whether its theme is to save consumers from unscrupulous contractors, it is the renovation of a home or building that is central to these very popular shows. Also think of advertising of all sorts including radio television and print media. Home building suppliers telling you that with their friendly help and advice, you and anyone else can do it. For those more realistic consumers or those who do not want to or are unable to tackle their own renovation project, the alternative is to hire a renovation contractor.

Well we have all heard enough stories of how a relative or someone we know got taken advantage of by a renovation contractor not living up to what the person paying the money was led to believe would be provided to them. Enter now the Waterloo Region Home Builders’ Association newly introduced RenoMarkTM program. WRHBA is a long standing association in our community, where members who have predominantly been associated with new home construction, were required to remain in good standing on matters including ethical business practices, in order to continue to be able to advertise membership in this association. The association has always had members who were either partly or wholly involved in the renovation industry. Now that specialized renovation industry has the opportunity to have its participants join the RenoMarkTM program and advertise that fact to the public. By holding out that it is a RenoMarkTM business member, that contractor is telling the public that it has adhered to certain business practices and standards, which include among many others features: compliance with a published code of ethics, use of a written and detailed contract for all jobs, minimum liability insurance coverage, carrying of all applicable licenses and permits, keeping a current professional knowledge of building codes and procedures, and other important matters.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recorded twenty billion dollars worth of renovation work in 2007 in just the ten largest urban centers across Canada. In tough economic times like now, the renovation industry is expected to grow even larger. The large array of renovation consumers in our Waterloo region are now able to access a reliable benchmark in choosing how to spend their dollars on renovation work around their homes. A great place to start is on the internet at HYPERLINK ",", and click on the icon for the Waterloo Region site. You will get a lot of information on what to look for and how to find a contractor for you. The number of renovation contractors who will join the association’s RenoMarkTM program, and thereby assuring the public that they are competent, ethical and reliable, is expected to grow rapidly, as the public becomes familiar with the value in being able to advertise the RenoMarkTM trademark.

Take comfort now, that you in fact do not have to do that renovation job yourself. You now have a way to find a contractor to do it for you, someone whom you can rely on to do a quality job on terms that you will have agreed to in writing in advance. We will have to wait and see how all of those television shows will adapt to deal with this great advancement for renovation consumers.

by Eric Kraushaar, President

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