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Posted January 19, 2009
Human Resources

Engineering students create internship rating site
By Michael Novati

Toronto - Recently, three engineering students -- Michael Novati, Anuj Gupta, and David Wu -- officially launched a website for internship, summer job, and professional engineering year (PEY) reviews.

The three of them were inspired during their own 13-month PEY work terms in Silicon Valley, Calif., and worked for a year to turn their idea into reality. The website is called internSHARE and has rapidly grown to include more than 170 reviews and 1,500 members, mostly from universities across Southern Ontario.

The website serves two purposes. First, it gives students a chance to read about others' experiences before applying for internships themselves. Ideally, a student would want to briefly "try out" different internship positions before picking one but this isn't practical and reading reviews about others' experiences is the next best thing. Second, the site gives the reviewers a chance to reflect on their work terms and compare it with others. Rumours about companies and jobs abound and this gives students a place to compare their experiences in a neutral setting.

Initially, internSHARE was intended to be a social networking site for interns with events and classified ads but since the launch it has become an information resource focusing on internship reviews.

Instead of trying to do everything, the founders have focused on making the best internship review site. They worked on making searching as easy and flexible as possible and to dynamically integrate information from Wikipedia and Yahoo! answers into the site's content.

Word is spreading fast and feedback for the site has been extremely positive. Sign up and write a review, or login instantly via , atFacebook Connect.

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