Posted January 26, 2009

Trans-Lucent Markets Inc. Launches Newest Version of Breakthrough ARM 3 Freight Rate Management

Upgraded AccuFreight Rate Manager makes routine tasks of shipping even easier and more effective

GUELPH, ON- Trans-Lucent Markets Inc. has launched their newest version of the AccuFreight Rate Manager (ARM). The upgraded ARM 3 includes valuable enhanced features and the new Load Tender function that will allow shippers to submit a pick-up request without leaving the ARM website.

"This is the next step for us in full logistics support for our customers," says Shelina Lalani, President of Trans-Lucent. "Our clients no longer have to use multiple websites, or wait on hold while they are trying to book a pick-up for their shipment. ARM 3 will do it for them."

The AccuFreight Rate Manager (ARM) is an online, freight rate management system designed for shippers to easily access and manage their current rate information, helping companies determine their most cost-effective carriers and easiest shipping method with a click of a button.

With ARM 3's Load Tender function, not available in previous versions, clients can choose their top carriers from the list returned by 'Find the Best Rate' and automatically schedule a pick-up request. Using the shipment details that were entered for the freight rate look-up, ARM will generate a load tender that is emailed to the carrier. No login is required by the carrier. The carrier is sent a unique URL (link) that they can access to view the information from the tender.

If accepted by the carrier the client will be notified, if not accepted ARM 3 will then send a request to the next carrier on the list and so on until a pick up has been scheduled.

"This function will save our clients a lot of time, and ultimately money," says Lalani. "And that is the goal of our entire system."

Also new to ARM3 is the capability to produce Carrier Performance Reports. Quality of service can quite often be more important than freight rates when it comes to a client's shipment. ARM 3 gathers the pivotal information - reliability of carrier, how many times they have accepted a pick-up, number of early or late pick-ups etc. - on how each carrier has performed over time and generates a useful report that can help users identify the best choice for their shipment by adjusting the carrier's rating.

ARM 3 was developed through valuable feedback from Trans-Lucent customers and employees over the past several years. Using this insight Trans-Lucent has created the most flexible and easy-to-use freight rate management system currently available. Other new features include fully redesigned and improved rate loading and management, carrier rating system, support for loading and searching courier rates, improved reporting on loaded rate batches, improved look-ups for location names, improved user administration and a new system for managing and calculating accessorial rates.

With easy 24/7 online access ARM allows users to load their own carrier rates into the system easily, identifies the best shipping options, can query fuel and other extra charges by lane and carrier as well as conduct internal audits on contracted carrier rates. The system can be queried to return results on specific types of shipments, lanes, and modes.

ARM 3 is part of Trans-Lucent's suite of Transportation Expense Management Solutions (TEMS) and will be available January 30th, 2009.

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