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Current Issue: January/February 2014

Ted Talks

Gian Giudice: Why our universe might exist on a knife-edge

The biggest surprise of discovering the Higgs boson? That there were no surprises. Gian Giudice talks us through a problem in theoretical physics: what if the Higgs field exists in an ultra-dense state that could mean the collapse of all atomic matter? With wit and charm, Giudice outlines a grim fate -- and why we shouldn't start worrying just yet.

City Summary

City of Waterloo Adds Parking Spaces in Uptown

Provincial government requires Waterloo’s uptown to grow by 6,000 people and jobs between 2006 and 2031

Waterloo - City Council approved the funding of $2.02 million for the acquisition of land to support parking needs north of Erb Street. $1.8 million will come from development charges, where it was designated for parking improvements, and the remaining $204,000 will come from the parking reserve fund.


Bill and Melinda Gates: Three Myths that Block Progress for the Poor

SEATTLE - Today, Bill and Melinda will share their co-authored 2014 Annual Letter. This year's letter, "Three Myths that Block Progress for the Poor," addresses three misconceptions about the global effort to end extreme poverty: Poor countries are doomed to stay poor, foreign aid is a big waste, and saving lives leads to overpopulation.

Cold Weather Tips

University of Waterloo open today

Waterloo - Wind chills between -30 and -35 degrees Celsius are forecast for this morning by Environment Canada. The University of Waterloo reminds students, faculty and staff to take steps to protect themselves against the cold.


International award winning chefs to sizzle in Stratford

Stratford - It may be freezing outside but mid-January is hot hot hot at the Stratford Chefs School, with two acclaimed international chefs visiting to share their expertise with students.Last week Australian Ben Shewry designed dinners at the Prune. Students had an incredible experience working with the renowned chef of Attica Restaurant in Melbourne, currently ranked #21 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. SCS chef instructor Ryan O’Donnell worked with Shewry at Attica for six months. He says ”Ben Shewry's cuisine is a soulful expression of a man deeply committed to his principals.

Keep It On The Positive

Battle Burnout: Address the 6 Motivators for Enjoying Work
By Erick Lauber, Ph.D.

Gloria wasn’t happy at work. It wasn’t that she hated her job or anything like that. Her co-workers were fine and she didn’t mind the type of work she did. In fact, she thought she did it pretty well. Of course, she wanted more money, but who didn’t? No, something else was bothering her. At some basic level she simply didn’t enjoy coming to work. Whatever excitement or sense of accomplishment she used to get had been replaced by a lack of motivation.


Despite expansion, majority of students cannot access Ontario Tuition Grant

TORONTO - Students are calling on the Liberal government to implement a true tuition fee reduction after yesterday's announcement that students in five-year co-op programs and students at private career colleges will now be eligible for the Ontario Tuition Grant.

Digital Media

Seven Principles for Adapting to the New Digital World

New principles developed through World Economic Forum call for global collaboration to address the borderless nature of digital media; Internet users report relatively low awareness of laws regulating the use of digital content

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – The World Economic Forum launches new principles to address intellectual property issues in the digital context. The Norms and Values in Digital Media: Rethinking Intellectual Property in the Digital Age present a shared set of goals to help adapt business practices and policy-making to changing norms and values in a hyperconnected world. The principles are part of a World Economic Forum initiative, supported by McKinsey & Company, which examines digital issues related to privacy, freedom of expression and intellectual property.


Canadian Solar Modules Achieve Highest PTC Rating

SAN RAMON, California - Canadian Solar Inc. announced that the Company's polysilicon ("PV") modules achieved the highest PTC ratings amongst all major poly module manufacturers. The California Energy Commission (CEC) established the PVUSA Test Conditions (PTC) ratings program, a universally recognized standard for assessing real- world solar panel performance.


Ontario colleges experience highest-ever first-year enrolment

TORONTO - Final calculations have confirmed that enrolment at Ontario's public colleges is at its highest level ever with a nearly five per cent increase in first-year, full-time programs.


Leading in Crisis: The Four Traps of Decision Making

By Lucien Canton

During the second day’s fighting at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, Colonel Strong Vincent, a brigade commander in the Army of the Potomac, learned from a passing courier that the Union left flank was undefended and that the Confederates were advancing on Little Round Top. Seizing this position would allow the Confederates to fire on the entire Union line and force the retreat of Union forces, opening the road to Washington.


Credit Unions of Ontario encourage Ontarians to bank with a higher purpose

Newly formed group launches creative campaign to promote co-operative banking movement

TORONTO - Want to achieve financial freedom and help your community while banking? That's the idea behind the co-operative banking movement the Credit Unions of Ontario would like Ontarians to join. Their new marketing campaign encourages Ontarians to think about how they bank and consider credit unions as an economically viable and socially meaningful alternative to traditional banking options.


NFU Proposes New Vision for Canadian Seed Ownership

Saskatoon, SK - Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act, favours further consolidation of the seed industry into a few corporate hands, which will end up costing farmers more for seeds of all types.


Capacity Waterloo Region Adds Bitcoin to Donation Options

Waterloo Region - Capacity Waterloo Region announce that it is accepting donations in Bitcoin. “Our organization encourages innovation in the charitable non-profit sector, and adopting Bitcoin to give donors more choice certainly reflects that,” said Andrew Wilding, Capacity Waterloo Region’s director of operations.

Healthy Community

GRH hospital elder life program improves care and quality of life for hospitalized patients

Waterloo Region - Older hospitalized patients are getting a little extra help on the road to recovery thanks to the hospital elder life program (HELP) at Grand River Hospital, launched in 2012.

House & Home

Icy, freezing temperatures ahead

Toronto - Unfortunately, the temperature is about to dip yet again this week with some parts of Ontario experiencing lows of -30 °C last evening. Volatile temperature changes bring many dangers to Ontario homes. Here are some tips on how to protect your home from winter weather.

Be Alert

Hacking & ID Theft: Are You Next?

7 Tips for Protecting Your Identity & Money by Scott Merritt

At least 110 million consumers were affected by the hack involving Target and Neiman Marcus retailers. Whether or not millions more will have their identities manipulated and finances ruined within the coming months due to more breaches of security at other stores is anyone’s guess.


Supply Chain Reforms: The Right Path to Increased Global Trade

New report calls for action by governments and business to cut supply chain barriers with detailed analysis of food and automotive trade; Business leaders call to build on recent WTO negotiations in Bali with supply chain reforms

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – Urgent implementation of the Bali trade accords and deeper behind-the-border reform is needed to sustainably meet world food demand, and foster industrial development, according to Enabling Trade: From Valuation to Action, a new report released by the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Bain & Company.

The Conflict

Harper’s Planeload

By Judy Haiven and Sid Shniad

Prime Minister has taken a group of 208 supporters to Israel, many at Canadian taxpayers’ expense.

Reading through the list is an eye-opener. It includes 21 Jewish rabbis and more than 56 representatives from various Zionist lobbying groups and private Jewish schools. In addition, there are 10 representatives from evangelical Christian groups which unconditionally support the most extreme Israeli positions. The delegation includes members of these groups: the Christian Missionary Alliance of Canada, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Trinity Bible Church, Crossroads Christian Communications, and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

February 13, 2014

Canadian music icon to hold concert on Waterloo campus

Waterloo - Canadian music icon, Bruce Cockburn, will play a solo concert at the University of Waterloo campus next month as part of Conrad Grebel University College's 50th anniversary celebrations this year.

January 23, 2014

Tax Is Not A Four Letter Word

Kitchener – "Tax Is Not A Four Letter Word" Book Tour will be in Kitchener on January 23rd. Co-hosted by the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Ontario, this event will be at Kitchener City Hall Rotunda, 200 King St.W, Kitchener and is open to all.


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