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Current Issue: January/February 2014

Ted Talks

Joe Kowan: How I beat stage fright

Humanity's fine-tuned sense of fear served us well as a young species, giving us laser focus to avoid being eaten by competing beasts. But it's less wonderful when that same visceral, body-hijacking sense of fear kicks in in front of 20 folk-music fans at a Tuesday night open-mic.


Public and Private Sector Leaders Agree: Health is Wealth

Investing in public health makes strong economic sense, leaders concur; Business has a role to play, starting with ensuring the health of their workers

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – On the last day of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014, public and private sector leaders affirmed the strong economic case for investing in health as a means to achieving long-term growth. “The very title of the session says it all,” said moderator Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post Media Group, USA. “Health is Wealth.”

Tis" the Time

Survey Indicates Financial Fitness Top Priority for Most Canadians

TORONTO - Taking stock after the holidays, 85 per cent of Canadians say they plan to make significant financial changes in 2014 with paying down debt and saving more money as their top priorities. "At this time of year, many people are certainly suffering from a case of the credit card blues," said Tim Ashby, Vice President at Equifax Canada. "To get over it, we're encouraging people to take ownership of their financial fitness. They should pay down high-interest credit card debt first, follow a household budget and check their credit report and score at least once per year."


Kitchener citizens enjoy good quality of life, vibrant neighbourhoods, Environics survey says

KITCHENER – When asked what residents value most about living in Kitchener, the top responses focused on a good quality of life, vibrant neighbourhoods and the city’s ample green spaces and recreation amenities. The citizen survey, commissioned by Compass Kitchener, a City of Kitchener volunteer advisory group, was completed between November 26 and December 10 and surveyed 1,002 citizens – which is a statistically-valid sampling of the community, based on Statistics Canada’s profile.

Health Care

Study backs giving flu vaccine to working age adults with diabetes

Edmonton - All people with diabetes should receive influenza vaccination, according to guidelines in most high-income countries, but there has been little evidence to back this policy. However, a new study in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes) suggests that working age adults with diabetes are at an increased risk of influenza compared with people without diabetes, affirming the need to target people with diabetes for influenza vaccination. The study is by the team led by Dr Jeffrey A. Johnson, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada.


Laurier-hosted ACUNS welcomes award-winning journalist Cleo Paskal for public lecture on ‘Kaplan’s Coming Anarchy’

WATERLOO – In 1994, journalist Robert Kaplan argued that the world’s social fabric was being destroyed. In his influential article, “The Coming Anarchy”, published in The Atlantic, Kaplan predicted that the experiences of failed states facing turmoil and chaos served as a warning of what could become an increasingly common phenomenon across the globe.

Powering North America

BELECTRIC Selects Canadian Solar to Power 4 New Utility Power Projects in Southern California

SAN RAMON, California - Canadian Solar Inc. announced it was selected by BELECTRIC Inc. ("BELECTRIC") to power four new solar power projects, totaling 7.8 MW, in San Bernadino County, Southern California.


Outlook for the Global Economy is “Cautiously Optimistic”, Say Financial Leaders

Europe is on the road to recovery while economies in the UK, US and Japan are rebounding

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – The outlook for the global economy is “cautiously optimistic”, leading financial experts told participants on the last day of the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. They warned, however, that old and new risks are still present and the coming year will bring volatility.

Canada-Brazil Trade

President Rousseff of Brazil Issues Warm Welcome to Foreign Investment

Rouseff cites investment opportunities and growth of middle class; Promises continued macroeconomic stability

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, told participants at the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting that Brazil is eager and ready to welcome investment from all over the world, as the country continues to bring millions out of poverty and into the middle class.


Prime Minister Cameron Says Europe Needs to Seize “Re-Shoring” Opportunities

Making a success of globalization is a key challenge for European politicians and business leaders; Jobs previously offshored are slowing coming back, “re-shoring”, from East to West; Europe needs cheap and predictable sources of energy, including shale gas, to seize the opportunities presented by re-shoring

Climate Change

Al Gore Highlights Need for Decisive Political Action on Climate Change

Extreme weather events are driving awareness; UN summit is an opportunity for decisive action

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – Al Gore, Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) and climate change activist, told participants at the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos that he believed political momentum was building towards action on climate change.

Global Growth

ECB President Draghi Celebrates Progress But Says Growth is Fragile

Recovery is taking place but risks are to the downside; Many European countries are succeeding in structural reform

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – Mario Draghi, President, European Central Bank, told participants of the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting that Europe is on the road to recovery but governments must remain committed to structural reforms. “The recovery is gradually taking place but the risks are to the downside,” Draghi said.


New Selection Process for World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies

Regional nomination and selection committees composed of business, media and academic leaders will assess candidates based on: sustainable growth; impact; leadership team; and global corporate citizenship

Geneva, Switzerland – The World Economic Forum announced a new selection process for its Global Growth Company (GGC) community of innovative high-growth businesses. GGCs are commonly identified as small to medium-sized businesses that have the ability to deliver positive change and the potential to become leading multinationals, through business models, growth rates, leadership, or the markets they serve. Under the new selection process, nominations to the GGC community will be opened to the public, as well as the Forum’s network of Members, Partners and academic leaders.

Gender Roles

Closing the Gender Gap Requires Better Policies and Proactive Businesses

Quotas and targets to include women can lead to new breakthroughs in gender equality

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – Women, 51% of the world’s population, are growing impatient with the ongoing debate about closing the gender gap. Speaking at a session on Gender-driven Growth at the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, panellists said action is needed, and that examples from progressive businesses and countries have demonstrated women’s potential impact.


Funding increase will help more Ontarians with disabilities live independently

Toronto - The Ontario government is expanding the innovative Direct Funding Program to help more people with disabilities live independently in their homes. The province is increasing its funding to the Direct Funding Program, which enables adults living with disabilities to manage their care based on their individual needs. The program also eases pressure on Community Care Access Centres and other community support providers, freeing them up for other individuals.


Use Tech Gains to Solve Global Problems, Say Co-Chairs as 44th Annual Meeting Ends

Productivity gains from technology should be used to fuel investment in education, communication and inclusion, said Co-Chairs of the 44th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – The 44th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum ended today, with the business, government and civil society leaders who served as Co-Chairs stressing the importance of taking advantage of the disruptive impact of technology.

Always Evolving

Progressive Companies Make Leap from Sustainable to “Circular” Manufacturing

Circular economy seeks to reconcile growth and economic participation with environmental prudence and equity; Progressive companies move from responding to environmental activists to building new business models

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – Progressive companies and forward-looking governments are shifting their attention from old-style sustainability – a linear concept that goes from take and use to dispose – towards a “circular” approach. This “circular” approach effectively decouples growth from rising resource constraints in a world that will add 3 billion middle-class consumers over the next 15 years, participants at the 44th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting were told.


Canadians stressed out by government paperwork: Poll

Most common regulatory headaches cost at least $10 billion per year

Toronto – As the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) launches its fifth annual Red Tape Awareness Week™, a new report links red tape to added stress and estimates the cost of some of the most common regulatory headaches for Canadians to be at least $10 billion per year or $730 for the average Canadian household.

Innovation Competition

Designing Waterloo as a Community

Businesses Rally Together to Support Student Design Competition Highlighting Local Talents, Technologies and Resources

Waterloo – Since the announcement of a locally focused student design competition, businesses from across the tech triangle have gathered their efforts to celebrate the “bright future” of the community. The WATERLOO INNOVATION PARK STUDENT DESIGN COMPETITION encourages student participants from CONESTOGA COLLEGE, to utilize local resources; an outpouring of contributions from the community have made it all possible. Showcasing the magnitude of resources available in the Waterloo area was of greatest importance to the competition’s organizers.

Parks Re-opened

It’s winter: the GRCA will help you get used to it

If you can’t beat winter, join it at Grand River Conservation Authority Parks. Three parks are now open for the full range of winter activities. Storm-damaged trees have been cleaned up, ice is strong enough to support anglers and there’s enough snow on the ground for skiing and snowshoeing.

May 12, 2014

ONTARIO EXCLUSIVE: Centre In The Square presents "An Evening with John Legend"

Kitchener/Los Angeles - Centre In The Square is proud to present "An Evening with John Legend: The All of Me Tour..." on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 8 PM. Centre In The Square is proud to present the exclusive Ontario performance of the North American tour. Tickets to the May 12th performance go on sale to the general public Saturday, February 1st at Noon. Tickets may be purchase d online at, by calling 519-578-1570 or 1-800-265-8977, or in person at the Centre In The Square box office, 101 Queen Street N., Kitchener, Ontario.

Feb 23, 2014

Stratford Chefs School presents their 24th Annual Gala and Auction – Sunday, February 23, 2014

Toronto - The Stratford Chefs School will once again present their annual Gala Dinner and Auction on Sunday, February 23, 2014, at Nota Bene Restaurant, Toronto.


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