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Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers

How do creative people come up with great ideas? Organizational psychologist Adam Grant studies "originals": thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world. In this talk, learn three unexpected habits of originals — including embracing failure. "The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they're the ones who try the most," Grant says. "You need a lot of bad ideas in order to get a few good ones." After years of studying the dynamics of success and productivity in the workplace, Adam Grant discovered a powerful and often overlooked motivator: helping others.


Waterloo centre to provide psychological services for veterans, military and RCMP

Waterloo - The number of Canadian veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder has almost tripled since 2007, creating an increased need for mental health services to aid their recovery.


Exercise Keeps Muscles – And You – Young

A University of Guelph professor has uncovered the “secret” to staying strong as we age – superb fitness.

Guelph - Geoff Power (right) found elderly people who were elite athletes in their youth or later in life – and who still compete as masters athletes — have much healthier muscles at the cellular level compared to those of non-athletes. His research was published recently in the Journal of Applied Physiology and featured today in the New York Times. The study compared world-class track and field athletes in their 80s with people of the same age who are living independently. There have been few such studies of aging and muscle weakening in masters athletes in this age group.

Health & Community

People who live in activity-friendly neighbourhoods take up to 90 mins more exercise per week

Pokfulam, Hong Kong - Living in an activity-friendly neighbourhood could mean people take up to 90 minutes more exercise per week, according to a study published in The Lancet today. With physical inactivity responsible for over 5 million deaths per year, the authors say that creating healthier cities is an important part of the public health response to the global disease burden of physical inactivity.

Presidential Means Acting Like One

Trump, It’s the Men Stupid!?

The Great March Implosion: Trump Fav Scores and Everything Else

Washington, DC - Last week, Trump’s numbers across the board have tanked: fav scores, likability, primary vote share, general election vote share, etc. This implosion has been attributed (and rightly so) to Trump’s consistent and relentless slights against women. No need to cite the events as the list is very long.

Legal Services

Ontario Raising Legal Aid Eligibility Threshold by Another 6 Per Cent

Province Helping Nearly 400,000 More People Get Access to Legal Services

Queens Park - Ontario is giving more people access to affordable legal services by increasing the financial eligibility threshold for Legal Aid Ontario by six per cent, effective immediately.


Do Smarter People Need Fewer Friends?

by Bernard Marr

Research published in the British Journal of Psychology suggests that smarter people may be happiest with fewer friends. The study looked at a large national survey that asked people to self-report on their own happiness levels, and looked to draw some general conclusions about what makes a happy, fulfilling life from the answers.

Diabetes Network

New Network Launched to Address Diabetes Complications

Partnership unites nine institutions in fight against diabetes

Toronto – A new national research network was launched last week to transform the health outcomes of individuals with diabetes and its related complications. It will be led by two of Canada’s top researchers in the field and includes researchers conducting leading-edge health and biomedical research at nine institutions across the country.

Executive Partner

Kevin Ladner assumes leadership role as CEO with Grant Thornton LLP

Toronto - As announced December 21, 2015, Kevin Ladner will assume the role of Executive Partner, and Chief Executive Officer, with Grant Thornton LLP, Canada, as of April 1, 2016. Kevin brings a breadth and depth of experience to his new role, along with a successful record for delivering exceptional client experiences. Under his new leadership, the firm will fKevinocus on strategic national growth, nurturing its strength in supporting privately held businesses, while upholding its commitment to speaking out thoughtfully on the important issues that matter to clients and the Canadian business community.

Food Packaging

BPA: Kicking the can down the road

by Dr. Sylvain Charlebois

Guelph - A recent study by environmental groups suggests that more than 70 per cent of food cans stocked in major Canadian retail stores contain bisphenol A, better known as BPA, a chemical often linked to health complications. Indeed, many studies have suggested that BPA can mimic the hormone estrogen and conceivably affect behaviour and neurological development in infants and young children. Some findings have also suggested links between BPA and cancer. These are not words our risk-obsessed society likes to hear, and the BPA controversy is interesting given that, for more than 40 years, this chemical’s main purpose was to make canned food products safer.

Sustainable Energy

Laurier to transform campuses with sustainable energy management initiative

Waterloo – Wilfrid Laurier University is embarking on a sustainable energy management initiative that will include solar wall installations, system upgrades and an energy audit at the university’s facilities in Waterloo and Brantford.


April 5, 2016


Kitchener - The competition will feature approximately 170 projects and 200 students from grade seven to twelve in Waterloo Region, the Upper Grand District School Board and Wellington County.

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