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Portable Biodiesel Refinery on Display at GLOBE 2016

Vancouver, BC - Visitors to the GLOBE Innovation Expo will get an up-close look at a made-in-B.C. portable biofuel refinery built inside a standard 20-foot shipping container. BioCube has successfully deployed its refinery on remote sites in The Congo, in India, and elsewhere around the world to produce fossil-free fuel for heavy equipment and power generation.

The BioCube™ will be exhibited at GLOBE 2016 Innovation Expo, at location 1212, aisle 1200, on the Expo floor plan, at the East Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre, from March 2 -4, 2016.

The BioCube™ can produce in excess of 1.5 million litres of high quality biodiesel from a variety of waste and renewable feedstock oils such as waste vegetable oil (WVO) from restaurants, canola, crude palm oil (CPO), soya, corn, coconut, pongamia and tallow. It can run off-grid on the biodiesel it produces, or using grid power where electricity is available.

Given suitable feedstock, biodiesel produced by the BioCube meets stringent ASTM quality standards and can be used directly to fuel any modern diesel engine without modification, replacing the need for carbon-intensive "fossil diesel."

Biodiesel has many advantages over fossil diesel; it can reduce carbon emissions by up to 70 percent and is 100 percent renewable. Biodiesel produced from WVO in BC by the BioCube has a negligible carbon intensity index compared with fossil diesel.

"The BioCube helps communities and commercial enterprises control their own liquid fuel energy independence - for those with feedstock supply, it's effectively their own green fuel station" said BioCube Director, Peter Wilken.

"We recently commissioned a BioCube for a customer in a remote part of the Congo where diesel fuel is expensive and often unavailable. Without fuel for their Palm Oil Mill and for the trucks, tractors and diesel generators that keep the plantation running, thousands of people within the community it supports have their livelihoods threatened. The BioCube was transported from Canada to the Congo, then barged 1.500 kms upriver; it was operational within 48 hours of arrival and producing biodiesel from their excess CPO that went straight into diesel engines on the plantation. Not only is it protecting livelihoods and diversifying demand for their product, it is replacing expensive, imported fossil diesel that carries a large polluting carbon footprint, with clean, carbon-neutral biodiesel produced and consumed at the point of harvest."

"This is a business model we see progressive governments around the world following in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania." Says BioCube CEO David Tait.

"We're still a young company moving into full commercialization, but we now have machines operating in four continents. We would love to showcase the product we produce in British Columbia here in Canada, inBritish Columbia and have been actively supportive in trying to do so. We have customers here in BC who want a BioCube; unfortunately political roadblocks and tough economics make biodiesel production unfeasible for them."

"We believe we have a world-beating technology that has been developed and manufactured with our partners CBVL right here in's a story we're writing in Australasia, Africa and India right now ...we'd like to be able to tell it by showcasing it here on our doorstep in North America as well."

The BioCube is manufactured in Canada by CBVL based in Coquitlam, BC. The technology was recently awarded the prestigious Global Innovation and Friendly Energy Award by the Biodiesel Association of India in recognition of its ability to produce high quality biodiesel from renewable sources that improves India's energy independence at a commercial and community level.

Head of CBVL Ed Tycholaz commented: "We have been working with BioCube since 2012 to design and engineer a machine that is defining the distributed biodiesel processing category. The BioCube 250 is manufactured to exacting Canadian standards to deliver an innovative solution that is safe, reliable and easy to operate.

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