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Effective August 1, 2018

Display Advertising Rates
Exchange Magazine Quarterly publishes 4 times per year, in October, January, May and July

Size 1 time 4 times (every quarter)
Full Page
$2020 $1950
2/3 $1675 $1595
1/2 $1400 $1320
1/3 $1120 $1060
1/6 $775 $685
Watercooler Section $450 $325

Contributor Copy / Corporate Profile Content Development Rates
4 times per year, in October, January, May and July

Both the Contributor Copy and the Corporate Profiles allow you to control the message. These articles are clearly identified as "Contributor Copy" or "Corporate Profile", and include your logo and contact information at the conclusion of the piece. This is an ideal way for professionals to insure their service and/or product are explained in exactly the way they would choose. These features are a service for individuals, SMEs, and larger corporations alike.

In "Contributor Copy", the words and images are supplied by the client. Exchange will then edit the content for grammatical and literary quality, lay out the copy and images, and send them to you for your review prior to publication in the magazine.

"Corporate Profiles" include words and images written and photographed by one of our writers and one of our photographers. We then write the story, lay out the images, and send it to you for your review prior to publication in the magazine.

Size Contributor Copy Corporate Profile
Full Page (3 columns)
$2020 $3045
2 columns $1675 $2350
1 column $1400 $2020

Display Artwork sizes
Exchange Magazine trim size is 8 1/8" wide by 10 3/4" deep

Unit width depth
Full Page
7" 9.75"
1/2 page vertical 4.562" 7.187"
1/2 page horizontal 7" 4.8125"
1/3 page horizontal 7" 3.187"
1/3 page square 4.5625" 4.8125
1/3 page vertical 2.187" 9.75"
1/6 page vertical 2.187" 4.8125"
1/6 page horizontal 4.5625" 2.4375"
Watercooler 2.187" 2.8125"

Note to Agencies:
Exchange Magazine operates as the publishing arm of Exchange Business Communication Collective, an agency that serves a specific and meanfuling economic basin and the communities that are within it.

A note to external agencies: External agencies wanting to place artwork or content in our publications and distributions are hereby notified that the above advertising rates are retail rates. Applicable taxes will apply. External agencies are organizations that have not yet partnered with Exchange Magazine, and are not affiliated with partnered groups. For these placements please add 17.7% to the above rates.

Benefits of Partnership: Fundraising opportunities for your organization or group:
Do you represent a group of members or engaged professionals that want to communicate with the engaged individuals in Waterloo Region? Exchange Magazine now offers a special fundraising service for partnered organizations. Affiliated Partners who refer paid for display and/or online artwork to Exchange Magazine or will receive a 20% commission payable to the partnering organization. Artwork must be placed by contacting the publisher and providing client contact details as they relate to for the purchasing client. All information is kept confidential.

For more information on how to become an engaged organization please contact the publisher at:

Other services
Exchange Magazine is a full service publisher and agency involved in the creation and distribution of relevant content to the b2b and b2c market. Email to set up a meeting time to discuss one or more of the below services.

• Newsletters
• Company History
• Corporate profiles
• News Releases
Photography Services
• Corporate professional, teams, announcements, recognition
• Corporate event photography
• Product Photography
Web/Digital Services
• News/Announcement distribution
• Design and layout
• Event management
• Social Media
Communication Development
• Communication strategy and design
• How to become "sticky"-making sure your message has staying power
• Content development
• Publish your own story

For more information email
Exchange Magazine serves the businesses and the engaged community people of Waterloo Region. Our editorial iis focused on the inspirational and independent journey' of private business owners and operators, key community influencers' and vested community stakeholders residing in, working in and playing in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario Canada.
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