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Exchange Morning Post is the aggregate for Exchange Magaizne. A business journal for people who live and prosper in Waterloo Region and Southern Ontario.

It’s also for those invested in, participating in and interested in becoming a part of this dynamic area. Exchange shares the stories of passionate, determined risk takers – risk takers who function in a rich and dynamic ecosystem that celebrates achievements, builds with vision and nurtures a strong passion for sustainable prosperity.

With your subscription to the Morning Post you will enjoy reading about the business, economic and community and it's leaders. Those who run our engines and steer our ship.

Like no other publication, Exchange shares how they “go about” their business, are positioned for the future, and are ready to make the commitment necessary to build their life their way.

Exchange Magazine profiles successful business and community leaders, visionaries and forward thinking men and women who are passionate and invested in how our communities grow. Exchange Morning Post fills in the gaps.

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Exchange Magazine for Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Economic Developers and Educators has been publishing enterprise information on Southern Ontario, Canada businesses, government and institutions for over 30 years.

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