Town of Fergus 

Post Office: N1M 1N0
Number of Homes: 5,673
Number of Businesses: 437
Industry(s):Tourism, Retail,
Rated 10 out of 10 for "Exquisite Scenery" with 4 solid reasons
Reasons: History, Culture,
Antiquing, Scenery

Getting There:
Located north of Guelph, take Hwy. 6 to Fergus:
N43° 42.3515', W080° 22.6703'

Map of Fergus



Beautiful, historic Elora and Fergus are renowned for two significant attractions – natural beauty, and heritage. One travel writer wrote, “Elora is quintessentially romantic. A lunch by the Elora Gorge, a stroll along the through the beautiful natural setting, a performance by world-class musicians... any one of these is enough to guarantee peace and harmony, at least while you stay in the community.”

Credit for the eye-pleasing setting has to go to the heritage river that flows through these communities – the Grand River. Elora is especially the beneficiary of the Grand, as the home to the famous Elora Gorge, and both Elora and Fergus feature historic sections along the river.

The best place to experience the captivating history of this community – known collectively as Centre Wellington – is at the Wellington Country Museum and Archives, located between Fergus and Elora. This National Historic Site is recognized for its unique history as the oldest House of Industry in Canada. Twelve galleries of exhibits capture the life stories of Wellington County people over the past centuries.

Exhibitions include eye-catching decorative arts (the museum has a superb textile collection), while travelling exhibitions guarantee there is always a reason to return.

Visitors will enjoy “From the Old Country” (through Apr. 1, 2012), exploring the emigrant experience and asking the question, “What do people bring with them that speaks to them of their past?”

The Museum offers “Simple Pleasures for the Summer”, weekly themed interpretation events including “Pioneer Music and Dance” (July 6), “Home Remedies from the Garden” (July 13). “Beautiful Butterflies” (August 17), and many more.

Elora is home to the Grammy award-nominated Elora Festival and Singers. The world-famous Elora Festival runs from July 8-31, with 37 concerts and events planned, from the “Magnificent Mozart” opening night through many performances by world-class musicians such as Karina Gauvin, The Spitfire Band, and the Swingle Singers.

Visitors to Elora like to stay at the family owned and operated Village Inn Motel, conveniently located on the south side of the village.

The towns of Elora and Fergus offer an incredible variety of activities, unique shopping opportunities, and exquisite scenery. Many of the most popular activities here focus on the natural setting, but a lot of people also come for cultural events, for the leisurely and unique shopping and antiquing, and for food and drink in exquisite locales.

Map of Fergus
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