Tuesday February 6, 2018

U.S. Tax Reform - Part 4 of 6

Tax Reform Becomes Reality: What Does It Really Mean For Canadians?

by Julia Klann


On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed into law the biggest change in US tax law in over 30 years. This six part series has been focusing on the US tax changes that will impact Canadians. This segment, Part 4 of 6 examining the top 12 things Canadians need to know about US tax reform, will examine who the states themselves will react to federal tax changes, as well as how the personal tax system has changed.


The job-market payoff of a hands-on bachelor's degree

The graduate employment rate for bachelor's degree holders from Polytechnics Canada members was 91 per cent in 2015-16 - By Nobina Robinson

There are bachelor's degrees and there are applied bachelor's degrees. The difference - when it comes to finding fulfilling employment - can be dramatic. In late November, Statistics Canada released its comprehensive reports on education, covering a wide range of topics, including overall education attainment and the skills mismatches and earnings potential of bachelor's degree graduates in Canada.

Food Industry

Price fixing scandal breaking bad for grocers

The growing bakery goods price fixing investigation puts the onus on manufacturers and retailers to reach out to consumers in meaningful ways - By Sylvain Charlebois

Canada's Competition Bureau is alleging that almost every major food player was in on the bread cartel. This is extraordinarily disturbing and Canadians have every right to wonder if other grocery staples are affected by this type of collusion.

Office Relations

Five ways to be a nicer coworker

By Marc Gordon

With the growing popularity of coworking and open work environments, people are more likely to spend a significant portion of their day sitting next to someone else. Perhaps someone they may not even know. In order to maintain a stress free work environment, you and your coworkers owe it to each other to be courteous and respectful. So here are five tips for being a good "office neighbour".


New Faculty

Perimeter welcomes cosmologist Neal Dalal to faculty

Waterloo - The Perimeter Institute announced new faculty member Neal Dalal who wants to make the most of the influx of cosmological data in order to understand physics on every scale.

Major Milestone

Kindred Charitable Fund Surpasses the $1 Million Mark

The Raw Carrot Receives $10,000 Focus Grant

Kitchener – Kindred Credit Union announced that the Kindred Charitable Fund has reached a major milestone, marking $1 million in support for churches and charitable organizations since its inception in 1999. A total of 146 groups have benefited from these grants, which have impacted people across southwestern Ontario.


Conestoga entrepreneurs score deal on Dragons' Den

Luke Hambly, a 2015 Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing advanced diploma graduate, recently appeared with his brothers Jesse and Mason on CBC’s Dragons’ Den where they secured a deal with Jim Treliving, chairman and owner of Boston Pizza International Inc.

High Volume

Canadian M&A Activity was a Big Deal in 2017

The US made up 60% of outbound deals despite uncertainty to their tax system

Toronto - M&A activity in Canada reached its highest point of the past five years in 2017 with 2,274 deals, despite uncertainty surrounding the impact the new US administration's policies might have on trade and the broader North American and global economies, according to PwC Canada's Deals report published recently.


CLHIA Delays Implementation of New Compensation Disclosure Guideline By Six Months

Toronto - In response to feedback from the advisor community, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) has postponed the implementation of its new Guideline G19, Compensation Disclosure in Group Benefits and Group Retirement Services, by six months for new contracts to January 1, 2019.

Energy Policy

Energy Competitiveness Rankings: How the West Fares

Government policies are piling on to reduce the competitiveness of energy producers in Western Canada, according to a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute.

In the first edition of the annual policy report card for the energy sector, “Death by a Thousand Cuts? Western Canada’s Oil and Natural Gas Policy Competitiveness Scorecard,” author Benjamin Dachis performs an apples-to-apples comparison of the policy-induced costs on natural gas and conventional oil producers in Canada and the United States.

Attention Employers

Significant Changes to Provincial Employment and Labour Standards Legislation Important to Watch

Canadian Payroll Association Resources and Training the Best Way to Prepare for Changes Impacting Employers

Employment and labour standards are changing constantly. And recently, Ontario, Alberta and several other provinces made significant changes, including amendments to: public holiday pay, paid personal emergency days (including for part-time employees), parental and compassionate care leaves, and minimum wage, to name a few.



New technique can capture images of ultrafast energy-time entangled photon pairs

Scientists at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo have captured the first images of ultrafast photons that are energy-time entangled. The new technique will have direct applications for quantum cryptography and communication protocols, including the possibility for establishing highly secure communication channels over long distances.

Global Trade

Going global: Canadian Businesses see new opportunities in trade this year

Despite an increasingly complex global trade environment, report shows Canadian companies are looking to trade with new international markets

Toronto - Despite a changing global economic landscape, Canadian businesses remain confident in their international trade strategies, with half (50%) planning to boost levels of international trade over the next year. While most Canadian businesses are confident, many are still concerned about the potential impact of changes in world trade.


Mixed-use developments may actually reduce housing affordability, social diversity

Making the buildings in neighbourhoods more diverse through mixed residential and commercial developments also makes it too expensive for many people to live in.

Waterloo - A University of Waterloo study of Toronto neighbourhoods found that the increased cost, which was further heightened by the retraction of government support for affordable housing in mixed-use areas, led to the neighbourhoods becoming less diverse. The study also found the cost implications disproportionately impacted people in sales and service occupations.

Sufferin Succotash

U of G Researcher Gets Conservation Fellowship to Help Birds, Cats

Canadians love both cats and birds, says University of Guelph researcher Elizabeth Gow (right). However, cats are a major predator of birds in Canada, killing an estimated one to three million birds annually. “Framing cats as the enemy, however, has many Canadians feeling that conservationists are attacking their furry friends with little concern for cat welfare,” Gow said.

Natural Disasters

Algorithm identifies vulnerable people during natural disasters

A new algorithm developed at the University of Waterloo will help first responders and home care providers better help the elderly during natural disasters. According to the World Health Organization, older adults who live at home face disproportionally high fatality rates during natural disasters as evidenced by Hurricane Katrina where 71 per cent of the deaths resulting from that disaster involved people over 60 years of age.

Health Care

U of T research confirms link between flu and heart attack

Chances of a heart attack are increased six-fold during the first seven days after detection of laboratory-confirmed influenza infection, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Toronto.

Unseen Threat

Majority of 8-12-Year Olds Subject to Online Threats, According to New Study

More than half of 8-12-year olds worldwide are subject to online threats including cyberbullying, video game addiction, offline meetings and online sexual grooming; The study of 34,000 children across 29 countries finds that children spend on average 32 hours per week in front of digital screens for entertainment alone; more time than they spend in school

Geneva, Switzerland – Fifty-six per cent of 8-12 year olds are exposed to at least one online-related challenge when using digital platforms, a new survey published today finds. Challenges include a host of threats, from cyberbullying, video game addiction, offline meetings and online sexual behaviours which has also been linked to digital identity theft, digital disinformation and reduced human empathy. The data also highlights that 47% of those in the sample studied have been victimized through cyber-bullying in the past year.


Bottled water sales fueled by desire for immortality

A fear of dying plays a role in people buying bottled water, even though they know it may not be good for them or the planet, a study from the University of Waterloo has found.



O Canada lyrics are now gender neutral

University of Waterloo comments on the recent announcement that senate has passed a bill to make O Canada Lyrics gender neutral. Here are two UW profesors take on the recent change.

Physical Test

New, evidence-based physical abilities test for paramedics to be launched at Laurier

Waterloo – New paramedics seeking employment and paramedics returning to work after extended absences will now be able to take an evidence-based physical abilities test developed by a team of researchers in close consultation with working paramedics.


Bruce Matthews Appointed New Chief Executive Officer of Consulting Engineers of Ontario

Rex Meadley P.Eng., chairman of the board of directors of Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO), is happy to announce the appointment of Bruce Matthews P.Eng. as Chief Executive Officer, effective February 26, 2018.


February 13, 2018

Child Witness Centre Host Pancake Lunch

Tuesday, February 13th marks the 20th Anniversary of the Child Witness Centre's Annual Pancake Lunch fundraiser. It's a highly-anticipated event that provides an opportunity to enjoy some networking with your colleagues, get together with friends or take your staff or clients to lunch while knowing that your attendance will make a significant difference in the lives of children and youth who have been victims or witnesses of abuse or crime.

February 21, 2018

Carizon counters the winter blahs by proposing self-care during the month of February

Kitchener - An agency dedicated to mental health and wellness, Carizon knows that February can be a tough month for succumbing to the winter blahs. The Carizon team also recognizes the value of self-care in achieving wellness. So during the month of February, Carizon is promoting self-care to their employees and the community to help counter the winter blahs.

February 27, 2018

St. Mary’s community Heart Month event!

The Beat Goes On: Ensuring Equitable and Seamless Cardiac Care Across Waterloo Wellington

Learn how cardiac services will be expanded at St. Mary’s and beyond; Get an update on advanced heart rhythm services coming next year•; Hear how St. Mary’s is among top Canadian cardiac centres for patient outcomes.

February 25-27

New Conference Empowers Emerging Arts & Culture Professionals

Sessions lead by thought leaders across the country

Waterloo Region - The first Alternative Conference for Emerging Arts & Culture Professionals (#AltCon2018) will be held at THEMUSEUM February 25-27, 2018. It was created by 10 emerging professionals from across Canada and aims to provide stimulating thought leadership, personal growth opportunities and the chance to network with industry leaders.

Thursdays After Hours


Unique Experience Starts… When The Doors Close

MAD (Museum After Dark) is for those looking for something a little different; something that kicks off as night falls and has the exclusivity of an after-hours soiree. Step out of your comfort zone for a truly INTEResting experience this New Year. THEMUSEUM’S multi-model art exhibition INTERACTION features drop-in programming geared toward the Region’s young professionals. And by young professionals, we mean those who are 19+ as INTERmix will have you slinging drinks faster than Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

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