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What Color is That?

by Lauren Bauman

Color is one of the first things a customer will notice about a product and it will create a lasting, first impression. Color can convey a brand’s identity and even elicit an emotional response from the customer. Color conveys a tangible sense of quality and value. Color ultimately affects the success of a product – and your bottom line. Color consistency is as important as the color choice itself. When browsing a store, showroom, or warehouse, the customer is expecting consistency between products. This includes the packaging, where brand recognition and uniformity can attract a customer’s attention, as well as the product itself, where the customer has the expectation that all units purchased will have the exact same color when they open the package at home.

Meet Tim.

Tim stitches together hand-made backpacks made from a variety of fabrics sourced from around the world. Each batch of fabric he receives from his suppliers needs to match the rest – since no one wants a backpack with patchy color. Tim sent the color specs to each supplier but he is still getting batches that aren't the right color. He’s tired of hearing "What happened? It looked like the right color before it left our facility!” from his suppliers.

This is where the Nix QC Color Sensor comes in. Tim sent each of his suppliers the Nix QC so they can enhance their quality control line.

How does it work? Easy.

The Nix QC enables anyone, anywhere to scan the color of a physical object and see its digital color properties. Mix this in with customizable parameters and traceable batch control and you’ve got the right color leaving the assembly line every time! Tim even preloaded the color standards for each fabric, meaning the suppliers simply had to point and scan each batch to automatically determine whether the color was acceptable – or not.

The Nix QC is an inexpensive but highly accurate tool that anyone can use! Graphic designers, painters, even farmers (yes, the color of food matters too!) Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from bringing physical color to the digital world.

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