Thursday January 7, 2021


3D Metal Printing

University of Waterloo joins forces with National Research Council of Canada to boost industrial 3D printing

Experts at the University of Waterloo and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) are teaming up to help Canadian companies capitalize on the enormous potential of metal 3D printing technologies. The collaboration between the NRC, the largest federal research and development organization in the country, and the Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing (MSAM) Lab at Waterloo will run for at least seven years. “We want to create in southwestern Ontario a unique ecosystem to support metal additive manufacturing (AM) in terms of research and development and to translate competencies to industry partners,” said Mihaela Vlasea (photo), the associate director of MSAM. The partnership combines MSAM’s extensive expertise in metal AM process optimization with the NRC’s decades-long experience in materials science and metal powders development to enable research from powder to part. more ...

Innovative Health

Remote Patient Monitoring program is bringing further support to COVID-19 positive patients in the region

In the ongoing commitment to provide seamless healthcare to the residents of Waterloo Region, it was recently announced that the KW4 OHT (Kitchener, Waterloo, Wilmot, Woolwich, and Wellesley Ontario Health Team) in partnership with Ontario Health-West has launched the COVID-19 Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program to monitor COVID-19 positive patients in their homes. The program was initially based on referrals from primary care and has now expanded referral pathways so that Region of Waterloo Public Health and local hospitals can refer any COVID positive patients who wish to be monitored during their recovery. The RPM program is intended to ensure that COVID-positive patients in our community are offered the opportunity to be monitored and supported throughout their journey of recovery. According to Dr. Joseph Lee (photo), this service can really help to reduce patient anxiety. “It's great to offer RPM to people receiving a diagnosis of COVID-19. There can be a lot of anxiety and fear associated with testing positive and having a nurse touch base regularly can help calm a stressful situation for many people” Thus far, the program has received lots of positive feedback from patients and caregivers, noting their gratitude for the support available and the value of the program. more ...

Fixing a Hole

Rocco Welcomes Arrival Testing Pilot at Pearson Airport

Arrivals Testing is a Added and very Smart Measure to Keep Ontario Safe; We encourage governments across the country to implement a similar testing regime for arriving passengers.

Finally, Rocco Rossi, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce was able to react to the pilot project announced yesterday to implement COVID-19 arrivals testing at Pearson Airport. “[The] news is a welcome first step - introducing arrivals testing at Pearson will provide an added, stronger measure to protect our communities from COVID-positive travelers already destined to Ontario. We recognize that COVID-19 testing will be a necessary part of air travel for the foreseeable future. The resumption of safe air travel is vital to Canada’s economic recovery and long-term competitiveness. A science-based approach to travel and lifting or reducing quarantines is critical to that effort".

Hidden Tax

Trudeau's carbon tax short-sighted in so many ways

No thought as to how the carbon tax could put many Canadian families in a state of food insecurity by 2030 - By Sylvain Charlebois

COVID-19 has had an impact on Canada’s food industry but, over time, resilience will prevail. However, the federal government’s pre-holiday announcement that it will increase the carbon tax to $170 per tonne by 2030 will have a long-term impact on consumers. Climate change is a real and significant problem. We need to act quickly, and the carbon tax seems to provide a simple and fair solution. The Trudeau government is clearly committed to the carbon tax now. This tax – more of a policy – is essentially aimed at penalizing polluters. That’s a good idea, in principle, but is short-sighted in many ways. For some farmers, a tax of $170 per tonne is a game-changer. By 2030, a typical 5,000-acre farm would have to shell out more than $150,000 in new tax, based on some estimates, without any compensation. That’s enough to compromise any farm’s ability to make a profit. more ...

Covid Days

Waterloo Region’s Board of Health calls for paid sick leave benefits

Unpaid or limited sick day coverage, that might not cover recommended self-isolation days, puts some workers in a precarious financial situation,” said Geoff Lorentz

Region of Waterloo Board of Health unanimously passed a motion yesterday to advocate to both the Province and the Government of Canada on the need for paid sick time to help address the ongoing spread of COVID-19, and the spread of other illnesses in the future. “We know workplace outbreaks are a major obstacle in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our community,” said Regional Chair Karen Redman. “The current provincial and federal sick leave benefits are either unpaid or time restricted and that is unacceptable in a pandemic.” “Those who don’t have access to paid sick time may be more likely to attend work when they have symptoms of COVID-19 or need to self-isolate,” said Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, Medical Officer of Health. “Research shows that access to paid sick time can help reduce the spread of influenza-like illnesses in the workplace.” more ...


Ontario OB-GYN's Recommend Equitable Vaccine Access for Pregnant Women

The Ontario Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OSOG) and the Ontario Medical Association Section on Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OMA-OG) issued a statement on Covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy today, urging Premier Doug Ford, Deputy Premier & Minister of Health Christine Elliott, and the Covid-19 Vaccination Task Force to immediately allow equitable access for at-risk pregnant and lactating persons to Covid-19 vaccination. The data has been reviewed by expert OB-GYN panels who recommend that Covid-19 vaccines be offered to informed pregnant or lactating women based on their self-assessment of risk. Those statements acknowledge the current lack of evidence for or against vaccination in pregnancy and lactation. Dr. Constance Nasello, President of OSOG stated, "Obstetricians have always had to make science-informed decisions on the use of medications in pregnancy and lactation. more ...

Canadian Migration

2020 U-Haul Migration Trends Names Top 25 Canadian Growth Cities

British Columbia, New Brunswick are top growth provinces for DIY movers

North Bay is the No. 1 U-Haul growth city in Canada, while British Columbia and New Brunswick are the leading growth provinces for do-it-yourself movers, according to Company data analyzing migration patterns from 2020. The Northeastern Ontario market of North Bay, with its 53,000 residents along the east shore of Lake Nipissing, welcomed the largest net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks of any city in Canada over the past calendar year. North Bay is the No. 1 growth city in Canada, while British Columbia and New Brunswick are the leading growth provinces, according to U-Haul data analyzing 2020 migration trends. North Vancouver, Kingston, Belleville, and the Barrie/Orillia corridor round out the top five growth cities. Ontario boasts 10 of the top 15 cities. Quebec has six cities in the top 25. British Columbia has five. more ...

Ramp it up!

Ontario Chamber Calls for Faster Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccine in Canada

Swift Deployment Key to Economic Recovery Efforts says Chamber

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce released the following statement: “The faster the Ontario population is inoculated, the faster we can work together on the province’s path to economic recovery. Today, we call on all levels of government to do all that they can to get vaccines in the hands of every Canadian as quickly as possible. “With the province-wide lockdown still in effect, we continue to remain deeply concerned about the pandemic’s impact on small businesses and their employees. We are asking for a clear timeline for vaccine deployment and distribution in every corner of the country. more ...

Traffic Control

Automated Speed Enforcement Coming Soon to Waterloo Region

Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) is coming to Waterloo Region. “Coming Soon” signage is being installed this week to notify the public that in 90 days the ASE units will be operational and may begin issuing tickets. ASE is an automated system that uses a camera and a speed measurement device to help reduce speed in identified areas. ASE captures and records images of vehicles travelling in excess of the posted limit. With speed a factor in approximately one third of fatal collisions in Canada, ASE helps to enforce speed limits, increases safety and comfort for local communities and vulnerable road users, like children. There is also evidence that over time ASE can positively change driver behaviour in all school zones. “Automated Speed Enforcement is about safety,” said Regional Chair Karen Redman (photo). “Using this technology will enhance safety for all road users, especially our residents using active transportation including walking and cycling to and from school.” more ...


The Year of the Quitter? Seven Things Every Leader Should Stop Doing in 2021

If you want to thrive in the new world of work, you’ve got a lot to learn—and a lot to unlearn. Quitting those outdated (and harmful) leadership behaviors should be your resolution for the upcoming year by Ed Hess.

The times they are a-changing…and so is the nature of our work. And as our familiar world crumbles around us (thanks, COVID-19!)—and technology keeps snapping up more and more of the tasks humans have always done—we’ll need a whole new set of skills. And that means leaders have some very bad habits to break. It’s like we have an Industrial Revolution hangover. On some level, we know command and control doesn’t work anymore. We know we can’t boss people into being engaged, innovative, and collaborative. We know fear doesn’t motivate. And yet we just can’t help ourselves from falling into old, counterproductive leadership habits. To greatly simplify the message, we must all be able to continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn by adapting to the reality of the world as it evolves. This is not easy, considering our inherent ego-driven need to defend what we think we know. It requires a whole new way of being and a whole new way of working—which, in turn, requires a whole new way of leading. more ...


Seneca teams up with Microsoft and RBC to drive digital literacy for the workforce of tomorrow

Up to 6,000 students, graduates and professionals will train through free workshops in cloud computing and AI

Seneca, in collaboration with Microsoft Canada and RBC, is helping students, graduates and professionals enhance their digital expertise by offering free Microsoft Azure Fundamentals workshops that build in-demand skills in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and productivity tools. Starting this month, and running until the end of June, 30 two-day, eight-hour short courses will enable participants to learn data analytics, AI and cloud computing certifications-critical skills for the post-pandemic economic recovery. The collaboration creates opportunities for Canadians with varying professional and academic experiences to acquire digital skills to succeed in the innovation economy. more ...


We need a national jobs summit now

Should focus on the importance of human resources in the new global economy - By Constantine Passaris

The sweeping structural unemployment across Canada requires our collective attention. It’s time to take a deep dive into the changes happening in the workplace and ensure our young people are empowered for success in the new global economy. Canada’s economy isn’t immune to structural change. The advent of industrialization, manufacturing and, more recently, the information technology and communications revolution are reshaping the economic landscape and the modern workplace in a profound and indelible manner. Old products have lost their consumer appeal while new ones emerge. Old jobs are disappearing, replaced by new ones. The global economy of the 21st century is redefining the world of work, and speeding up the integration of state-of-the-art hardware and software. There’s no denying that COVID-19 has profoundly redefined the nature of work. The pandemic has underlined the importance of electronic connectivity, reconfigured the workplace and created a work-at-home default environment. more ...

Job Hunting

Your Job References Are A Treasured Asset – Treat Them as Such

Job Reference Etiquette, 6 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Professional References

Many unsuccessful job seekers come to the realization that a negative reference(s) from a past employer is the source of their problems. Typically, a former employer is only supposed to offer limited information about previous employees, e.g., employment dates and title. While the track record of corporate Human Resources is generally (but not always) consistent with this policy, it is a different story when considering former supervisors. While there are a number of reasons why your former supervisor might offer potentially damaging information about you, the bottom line is that you should never assume that your prior supervisor(s) is following company policy when they are contacted about offering you a reference. What are 7 reasons your former supervisory references may be unfavorable? They include: more ...



Get creative for 31 minutes a day each day this January

Challenge your creativity this winter with Create 31. Get creative for 31 minutes a day for 31 days this January with prompts on Create Waterloo’s social media. Starting earlier this month, the City of Waterloo’s arts and culture team (Create Waterloo) launched a creativity campaign to get people creative for 31 minutes a day throughout January. At a time when most people are stuck at home and are limited on gathering, Create 31 aims to motivate and inspire around the home. People participating in Create 31 can do so with any skill level. The challenge encourages people to flex their creative muscles and challenge themselves to practice creative habits all month long. Simply spend 31 minutes per day engaging in a prompt delivered by local artists, influencers, businesses, political representatives, and more. Create 31 will give you ways to stay creative and active as we continue to stay home due to Covid-19. Creative challengers thus far have included Mayor Jaworsky and Amit from Good Co Productions, with more to come from locals like Ajoa from Four All Ice Cream and the band Onion Honey. more ...


City servicing three more trails for winter use

In recognition of reduced recreational opportunities due to COVID-19 this winter, the City of Waterloo is increasing services levels in an effort to provide three additional walking/hiking opportunities. Residents can use the trails and roadway networks at Mount Hope Cemetery, Parkview Cemetery and Bechtel Park Woodlot, and Clair Creek Trail (located between Sundew Drive and Columbia Forest Blvd at Erbsville Rd). Washroom facilities will be open at the Parkview Cemetery and Bechtel Park Woodlot location and will be accessible at the Manulife Centre daily from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.). Walkers/hikers are reminded to please maintain two metre physical distance when using trails and walkways throughout the city unless with members of the same household. Wearing a mask, even outdoors, is recommended. The cemetery locations both have relatively flat asphalt surfaces and benches to sit and rest when needed. The Clair Creek Trail is a longer (approximately 2 km), and more natural trail experience. more ...


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