Posted February 5, 2009

Liaison Can/U.S. Courier Inc. Announces New Radio-Frequency Identification Distribution Division

New RFID channel distributor will propel the growth of the RFID industry as the only technology distributor to solely focus on delivering RFID technology to Value-Added Resellers in the United States and in Canada.

Montreal - Liaison Can/U.S. Courier Inc, a provider of transportation and logistics services, made a significant contribution to the RFID industry by launching Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID, North America’s first dedicated value-added distributor of Radio-Frequency Identification solution components and integrated solutions. Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID will represent the broadest offering of RFID products & services to value-added resellers in the United States and Canada.

Recently, RFID technology has become a viable option for solving many business problems in all major industry verticals. However, since the RFID industry does not have the supply channels that the information technology and point of sale industries have, RFID manufacturers are still struggling to reach their potential customers.. “The new RFID distribution channel will bring RFID technology to incremental value-added resellers and their customers”, said Mark Shapiro, Executive Director of Business Development for Liaison Can/U.S. Courier Inc., “It is rare to find a complete RFID solution available from one distributor. Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID will undoubtedly enable more value-added resellers to offer RFID solutions to their clients.”

“Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID gives Adasa Inc. a dedicated channel to sell our products in the RFID market without having to risk large amounts of advertising in our sales & marketing budget”, said Clarke McAllister, President of Adasa Inc., makers of the world’s only mobile RFID label encoder & dispenser.

Any company that is interested in selling RFID products or services to value-added resellers is invited to contact Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID. Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID is also accepting applications for new accounts by value-added resellers. For information about becoming a Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID supplier or reseller, please visit .

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